Attention Women! Fashion Rules You Must Follow Starting Right Now ...


As we age, and as we gain and/or lose weight, the world in general, and in particular, the fashion world, sends us messages about what we should and should not wear.

The messages can be confusing, so I've written a primer to help you through.


Here are a few fashion rules we've all got to follow, starting...


1. If You're over 40

If you're over forty, congratulations!

You've made it this far in a world that often seems hostile toward women who are no longer 39.3

The key to dressing when you're over 40 is to wear what you love, what you feel flatters your body, and what you're comfortable in.

Want to wear heels and a short skirt?

If you're comfortable in it, go ahead!

Want to wear jeans and flats?

Why not?

Want to wear neon?

Do it!

2. If You're under 40

You're still got that youthful glow, and you've probably not yet experienced the joy and wonder of cellulite, but either way, there are still some strict guidelines you must adhere to when dressing yourself.

Chief among them: wear what you love!

Prefer cardigans over crop tops?

Go ahead and wear cardigans.

Don't want to wear yoga pants, leggings, or short skirts?

Then don't!

It's your body β€” dress it how you like.

3. If You're Petite

If you're less than 5'3" tall, the fashion world considers you "petite." And as a petite woman, there are certain rules you must follow when dressing yourself, especially if you plan to leave the house.

First and foremost: wear whatever you want.

If you love it, and it's comfortable, then rock it, love!

4. If You're Tall

So 5'3" and under is petite, and anything over that is considered, to some people (the judge-y types), tall.


what should a tall girl consider when she's choosing clothes and accessories?2

She should, of course, think about what she wants to wear, and wear exactly that.

(Are you seeing a trend here?)

If You're Happy with Your Weight
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