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If I had to think of one person whose red carpet street style could sum up what it means to be a trendsetter, Kendall Jenner would be my first choice every single time. From her love of sleek leather pants to her penchant to pair casual items with edgy pieces, it's no surprise that she has steadily worked her way into becoming one of the most sought after models of the year. Seriously, whenever I catch her online (or roaming the streets of NYC), I can't help but admire how much she is KILLING it out there! In honor of her totally fabulous style game, here are a few pieces that I could definitely see her rocking or getting behind.

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Bad Bones Leather Leggings

Bad Bones Leather Leggings Grab them here: Necessaryclothing.com

If there's anyone who could pull this flirty and chic look off, it's definitely Kendall Jenner. Not only do these elongate your legs, they can also add a bit of an edge to any outfit! If high shine isn't exactly your thing, I would neutralize it by pairing these leggings with a darker top. If you want to make your legs look even longer, try rocking these with black boots.


Black Cornelli Detail Mesh Maxi Dress

Black Cornelli Detail Mesh Maxi Dress Grab it here: Asos.com

Not only is Kendall Jenner is well known for her daring photo shoots that often feature mesh and sheer fabric, her complete confidence when rocking them makes her a style star for sure. While I'm in love with the contrasting dynamics of this revealing dress, the intricate embroidery seals the deal for me!


Faux Leather Cutout Jacket

Faux Leather Cutout Jacket Grab it here: Forever21.com

From the sexy peekaboo cutouts to its collarless design, I am loving everything about this look. One of the things that I adore about Kendall Jenner's style is that she is pretty much a pro at finding pieces that seem minimalist in nature but are a huge deal once the full outfit comes together.


Vila Skinny Jeans with Busted Knees

Vila Skinny Jeans with Busted Knees Grab them here: Asos.com

Can you imagine just how hot these distressed jeans would look with a leather jacket? I love the fact that Kendall Jenner is almost always seen in a pair of torn up jeans in spite of her high fashion status. That just shows how down to earth she probably is!


Sparkle & Fade Space Dye Jumper

Sparkle & Fade Space Dye Jumper Grab it here: Urbanoutfitters.com

Comfort is a definite must during these windy months. What better way is there to stay warm than with this cozy oversized jumper? It comes in dark green, and a pink and burgundy shade; I think it is the perfect way to add some color to your outfit without it being too overwhelming.


Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt Grab it here: Pacsun.com

This skirt is actually from Kendall Jenner's PacSun fashion line with her sister Kylie, which features a lot of items that mimic her laid-back style. You can dress this look up or down depending on the top you pair it with. If you're thinking of wearing this on girls' night, you can't go wrong with a midriff bearing top (judge how short you want it to be based on your comfort zone)!


Motel Rocks Goldie Bodycon Dress

Motel Rocks Goldie Bodycon Dress Grab it here: Motelrocks.com

While Kendall Jenner's wardrobe does consist of a lot of neutral tones, she isn't afraid to pull out all the stops in bright hues! She was actually spotted in this sassy blue number awhile ago. The best part is that if you're not crazy about the length, you can switch things up by layering this hot look with sheer tights and a killer pair of heels.

It doesn't matter if she's going casual or glam, Kendall Jenner's style is always on point. I really love the fact that she can mix and match anything and start her own trend. What are some of your favorite looks rocked by Kendall Jenner?

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Like all of them!

@Kathleen Alyssa Moortel @Yorkielover1010 That can be arranged! :D

I agree with sharon

They're beautiful. You need to show Kim how to dress elegantly. She forgets to dress sometimes and just comes out in her undies

I was hoping to see outfits Kendall actually wore.

These would look better on Kendall Herself! :)

I agree with Kathleen Alyssa Moortel

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