Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Women with Small Breasts ...


Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Women with Small Breasts ...
Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Women with Small Breasts ...

It can be frustrating to try to show off your figure when you have small breasts. Of course you don’t want to make your breasts overly obvious but you definitely want to look feminine. These phenomenal fashion tips can help you to emphasize what you have. Your confidence will definitely get a boost!

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Go Strapless

Go Strapless You may think that strapless bras are the last thing you should wear but you couldn’t be more wrong. Women with small breasts are the perfect candidate for this style. It’s actually much easier for you to pull this off then your fuller-figured sisters. Strapless tops and dresses make your breasts seem bigger because they’re made to hold your breasts in a lifted position. Try a strapless clothing item on and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


Go for a Deep V

Go for a Deep V When you’ve got big breasts, they spill out everywhere. You can show cleavage even when you don’t want to show it, making v-necks a little tricky to wear. Women with small breasts can get by with V-necks so much easier. It enhances your breasts to look bigger when your top is cut into a V. Regular V-neck tops are going to be flattering to you as are tops cut with an even deeper V.


When choosing a V-neck, remember the power of illusion. The V shape elongates your torso and directs the eye downward, which can create the desired effect of a fuller bust. If you're feeling bold and looking to make a statement, plunging V-necks can be especially dramatic – they guide attention exactly where you want it. Adding a necklace that hangs just above the lowest point of the V can also accentuate your assets beautifully. For those who prefer subtlety, a V-neck with lace or other detailing adds that extra oomph without being too overt.


Create an Illusion of Fuller Breasts

Create an Illusion of Fuller Breasts Stripes can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In the case of women with small breasts, you want to embrace them. Horizontal stripes or even diagonal will make your breasts look fuller. They won’t fade into your clothing as if they aren’t there the way they can with many tops. Try a top with stripes or even a dress. T-shirt dresses often come in stripes and are very fashionable right now.


Choose Tops with Embellishments in the Right Places

Choose Tops with Embellishments in the Right Places Embellishments can make your Size A’s seem like they’re easily Size B’s. One of the best embellishments to go for is a top with ruffles. This creates the illusion of fullness in your breasts. This also works with bathing suit tops. But other embellishments can be helpful too; look for tops with beading, lace, ruffles and other decorations.


Look Lovely in Layers

Look Lovely in Layers Layers were made for small breasted women. It’s the perfect look for you because layers tend to add bulk, especially in the chest area. While full-figured women have to battle against the frump when they layer up, you don’t. Your breasts look fuller and no one but you knows that it’s really the layers giving that effect. Even adding a tank under a top can give this effect.


Put Your Hair up

Put Your Hair up This sounds silly but it’s a tried and true fashion trick when you want to make your breasts look bigger. It works because it elongates your neckline, calling attention to the slimness of your neck. Under that, breasts seem fuller in comparison. Go without a necklace to take this elongating trick even further. Wear a pair of simple stud earrings instead if you feel the need for jewelry.


Fake It with a Push up Bra

Fake It with a Push up Bra The easiest trick of all, fake bigger breasts with a push up bra. No one will ever know you look a size bigger because of padding. It’s your own little private secret. Push up bras are easy to find at almost any store that carries bras. There’re also many different levels of padding so you can choose one you feel most comfortable in.


Be Bold in Backless Styles

clothing, dress, footwear, hairstyle, fashion, One thing that small breasted women can do with ease is pull of many backless styles, as often they can get away with not having the support that many bustier women need. Another bonus is that backless styles often have high-necklines at the front as it achieves an equal balance, so you won't have to worry about feeling self-conscious about your chest here either!


Be Bright and Bold

clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, outerwear, long hair, Have you ever noticed how bustier women often wear black? Usually this is because they don't want to make their breasts look larger than they already naturally are. Small chested women, on the other hand, are generally able to pull of a wide variety of colours without having this problem! So go for it girls; go light, bold, bright or neon—you’ll be able to rock each shade! Also, many bright and bold colours can create the illusion of bigger breasts.


Strike an Equal Balance

clothing, sleeve, fashion, spring, leather, For small chested women it's often a good idea to try strike an equal balance between your top and bottom half. The good news is there's many ways you can pull this off! If you have a smaller upper body, your bottom must compensate for it...make sense? To help you strike this balance, opt for boot-cut and flare pants, or alternatively loose and flowy skirts are great choices too!

I hope these tips help you look and feel phenomenal. Which ones are you anxious to try? Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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I hate that wearing sports bra for the gym makes me look like a little girl!

Push-up bras are my BFFs lol. 😊 😋 j/k

I hate push up bras,their so uncomfortable and i hate all the padding,I like my small breasts,all the guys i been with thought they were sexy as hell,I went from being a DD to a B from losing a massive amount of weight over last summer

I think these tips are great, but as a girl who doesn't naturally have cleavage, wearing super low v necks seems to emphasize that fact and makes me feel insecure, but if others can pull it off then good for them👍🏼

I dont agree with the first tip. Im really flat even the smallest size bra is big for me. And believe me strapless Tops makes me more flat.

Just wondered, is it really necessary or important to hide the fact that we have small breasts. It's very important to embrace our body than feeling something to hide about it.

Omg same for me when it comes to the commenta about the push-up bra’s, strapless tops, the v-necks and sport bra’s! I thought I was the only one

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