Don't Dump Your Winter Wardrobe - How to Wear a Scarf in Summer ...


Your wardrobe doesn't have to change when the weather does.

As long as you're willing to make a few adjustments, you can reuse the same clothes when it's burning hot out as you did when it was freezing cold out.

You'll still look fashionable, and you'll save a ton of money in the process.

So if you're not ready to say goodbye to your favorite scarves, here are a few different ways you can wear them this season:

1. Attach Your Scarf to Your Sun Hat

Attach Your Scarf to Your Sun Hat

Most sun hats look pretty similar, which is why you should use your scarf to spice up your headgear.

Find a scarf with a cute set of colors and wrap it around your favorite sun hat.

That way, you'll stand out at the beach.

Plus, it'll look gorgeous when the pieces hanging down start flying in the wind.

2. Wrap Your Scarf around Your Waist

Wrap Your Scarf around Your Waist

There's no need to buy new belts to wrap around your favorite sundresses, because you can just use your scarves!2

Most of them should be long enough to fit around your entire waist, so you shouldn't have a problem adjusting them.

All you have to do is tie them, just like you'd do in the cold weather when they're placed around your neck.

It's nothing new.

3. Place Your Scarf in Your Ponytail

Place Your Scarf in Your Ponytail

Once it gets hot, you'll probably want to wear your hair in an updo on most days in order to keep from sweating too heavily.2

But if you get bored of wearing the same type of bland ponytail day after day, you can throw a scarf into the mix.

Wrap it around your hairband and you'll look about as fashionable as any women could possibly look.

4. Wrap Your Scarf around Your Head

Wrap Your Scarf around Your Head

This is probably the cutest thing that you can do with a scarf.

Whether you're wearing your hair up or down, you can tie a scarf around your head to create a unique type of headband.

All of your friends will compliment you on your craftiness, so get ready to give them a tutorial showing them how you pulled off the fabulous look.

Tie Your Scarf around Your Neck
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