12 Hot 🔥 Trends to Try if You're Short 👌🏼 ...


I’m not necessarily tall, but I’m not necessarily short, either.

Because of that, I spend a lot of time envying trends on both ends of the spectrum.

There are some trends that look amazing on tall girls, and other trends that look amazing on short girls.

A lot of my friends are shorter, so I spend a lot of time wishing that I could rock trends that they do!

If you’re a short girl looking for trends to rock this year, these are definitely the outfits you should check out!

1. Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts

If you are able to wear a mini skirt, you probably fairly short, and for that, I am so jealous.

I love mini skirts so much, but my biggest issue is that they never fit quite right.

They’re always just a little shorter than they’re supposed to be.

If you’re short, rock mini skirts with pride, because you’re one of the few who can wear them perfectly!

2. The Shift Dress

The Shift Dress

I don’t know about you, but shift dresses are easily my favorite trend of the past few years.

It’s not just a very flattering trend on me, though.

I love the shift dress trend because it looks so mod, but out of all of the body types and sizes, short girls look the best in a shift dress!

3. That Deep-V Sweater Dress

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I’m sure that you’ve seen that deep-v sweater dress that’s completely taken over the trends for the past few months, especially if you’re a teenager girl.

It’s a trend that’s so cute and boho, but unfortunately for a lot of girls, it’s too short to be a dress and it turns into more of a sweater than a dress.

Step into this sweater dress and rock it!

4. Ballet Flats

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I have a lot of short friends, and they all insist on wearing heels almost all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame if you like to wear heels, but I think that’s there nothing more stylish on a girl when she’s comfortable enough in the outfit she’s wearing to rock ballet flats instead of heels!

Ridiculously High Heels
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