7 Less Known Fashion Mistakes to Avoid ...


Fashion mistakes to avoid listed here are not your usual “no white after Labor Day” list of fashion faux pas but an interesting collection of don’ts even good dressers can sometimes forget.

It’s that thin line that separates good dressers from really spectacular dressers and something that, hopefully, should help us all discover the critical areas that need to be polished to perfection.

Let’s talk style improvements, then, by illuminating the biggest fashion mistakes to avoid!

And here’s exactly what most of us did or are still doing wrong.

1. Wearing Unflattering Colors

Colors and skin tones – you know how much they matter!

But why do I think this is one of those fashion mistakes to avoid if you really want to look great?

Simply because the wrong color (regardless of how trendy it is) can make you look tired, blotchy or even play with your skin tone in a really cruel way, making you look too orange, too yellow, to0 pinkish or even a bit green!

If you have a warm skin tone and dyed blonde hair, you may discover that red makes your hair appear yellow and gives your tan a blotchy appearance.

Ladies with a lot of pink in their complexion should be careful around My Little Pony colors because they may end up looking the part.

But those are hardly the rules… everyone should do their best to find their perfect colors.

2. Sticking to a Few Basic Colors

My sister does this all the time!

She’ll come up with a great outfit that’s completely beige or black or brown!

And I mean completely – head to toe, even shoes and accessories!

It makes her look average and that’s one thing she absolutely is not.

Sounds familiar?

Well, time to do something about it!

Once you find the colors that look good on you, do your best to play with them.2

Throw in something red or green to make your beige outfit more interesting, wear chocolate brown with mustard yellow, orange or even plum.

Petrol green is also a wonderful, highly unusual color that can be mixed and matched endlessly.

Sounds too complicated?

That’s exactly what my sister says!

Well, if you’re worried that you’ll look like a clown or are pretty sure you can’t colorblock to save your life, do the next best thing – play your outfit up with accessories!

Black outfits are a piece of cake – all you have to do is step into a pair of bright colored shoes and thrown on some statement jewelry.

As for all other outfits, try this – choose accessories in vibrant complementary colors if opting for a dark monochrome outfit or go for dark, deep colors if opting for a light monochrome outfit.

Thinking a Change of Style is Pricy
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