8 of My Favorite TLC's "What Not to Wear" Style Tips ...

By Jelena

What Not to Wear style tips from TLC and that super funny Clinton & Stacey duo have quickly become one of my most favorite things on TV, and the fact that you don’t have to be a fashion road kill to get something out of the whole experience only serves to sweeten the deal even further. I’ve been a dedicated fan for more seasons than I could count, witnessed hundreds of makeovers, upgraded my style as well as my list of tips to remember well and use often. But they are too great not to share, which is exactly what I’m going to do just now. Take a look at my What Not to Wear style tips from TLC and tell me what you think.

1 Color, Texture, Shine

One of my favorite What Not to Wear style tips from TLC, the color-texture-shine rule is what turns an okay outfit into a really great one! Want to give it a try? Accessorize your favorite outfit choosing accessories of different colors, interesting textures or glam shine, trying to be brave with your choices just like Stacey and Clinton are with theirs.

2 Dress Your Age

As Clinton once said, “Nothing ages you more than being a 40 year-old woman dressing like a 13 year-old girl.” Don’t associate childish clothes with youth nor make the mistake of dismissing age-appropriate clothes as “matronly.” Your grown up self can be sexy, fun and youthful, too!

3 Have CPW (Cost per Wear) in Mind

The more wearable the item is, the less it actually costs and that has nothing to do with the price tag. Let’s take a 500 dollar suit for example – you’d probably return that on the rack thinking “Whoa, way too expensive for something so basic.” But here’s the thing: you are going to wear that at least three times a week. You’re going to wear it matched once, use the skirt/pants with other items once and use the jacket alone at least once a week. Divide it with three, then with 12 months and whoa, your cost per wear is just $13! Great investment! A 500 dollar dress that’s too sparkly or too “special occasion,” on the other hand, isn’t, as you’re going to wear it once, maybe twice a year which equals a staggering $250 per wear!

4 Structure Matters

Shape, ladies, shape! We need to accent our curves, not hide them! And we need to find the right way to do that! Clinton and Stacey are definitely against shapeless clothes and all for accenting the narrowest point of your waist, making it seem even tinier! Belt a loose tunic, look for a nicely fitted blazer or a dress that is cut in the perfect spot. It may be a simple trick but it works wonders for literally all body shapes, allowing us to enjoy that hourglass figure even if we weren’t exactly born with it.

5 Customize!

Found a great-fitting pair of pants, a fantastic dress or a perfect blazer? Go for it even if it needs to be shortened or anyhow altered just a bit! Clinton and Stacey believe a nice-fitting find is worth going an extra mile for and that it can be customized to fit your needs to a tee, thus providing you plenty of wears and great outfits!

6 You Can Never Go Wrong with Dark-Washed Jeans

Want to hear about a foolproof way to lose 30 pounds overnight? Dark washed jeans! Seriously, ladies – these are a must have for every modern woman! They can be dressed down for casual outings with hubby and kids or played up for casual (but still very chic) Fridays at the office and oh - have I mentioned that they’ll make your legs look longer and your whole body slimmer? Yup! A must have, for sure!

7 Double Duty Items

In order to pass the final selection and make it into your wardrobe, clothes need to do two things: flatter your figure and posses enough visual interest. These are what Stacey calls “double duty items,” or items that not only do great things for your figure but help you put together an outfit that will be coveted by others. You can keep it neutral and basic but go for a really nice fabric texture, choose an interesting print or go for embellishments, for example!

8 You Have a GREAT Body

Last but not least – something all of us women have a huge problem seeing, acknowledging and accepting! There is not a body on this world that is not “made for clothes”! All you have to do is find the right clothes, of course! It may require a bit more searching than you’re used to but great pieces are definitely worth it!

Which What Not to Wear style tip from TLC pros do you go by and what do you think about the show in general?

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