9 Ways to Wear Plaid for Every Season ...


9 Ways to Wear Plaid for Every Season ...
9 Ways to Wear Plaid for Every Season ...

Plaid is the ‘it’ pattern season after season, with good reason as it is versatile and trendy. If you think plaid is only useful for the country look, think again! This fall you can create chic attire by incorporating interesting plaid pieces; don’t restrict yourself to a shirt. Attempt a personal styling with scarves, hair pieces and cardigans. Though I would recommend choosing some fashionable items in a solid color to avoid a one-dimensional visual. If you are as plaid-crazy as me, check out my list of 8 ways to wear plaid for fall.

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Less is Just Right

Plaid can look amazingly stylish provided you don’t overdo it with excessive plaid pieces. Decide on one piece of plaid - maybe shoes, scarf, a headband or oh! Trendy plaid shoes. Style your outfit around them, mixing and matching for any type of personality you want to boast ! The chic lady, trendy go-getter or the hippie chick! Don’t be predictable with only a plaid shirt, that’s boring! Plaid pants are just fun-tastic! Throw on a sexy jacket on a turtleneck or V-neck sweater as structure is needed to contrast the billowy plaid pants, or alternatively, the cool factor is bold against the plaid skinny jeans. Patterned pants are one of my favorite ways to wear plaid!


Work Trendy

Plaid shirts can be very dressy for the office, when you know how to work fashionable items into the mix to class it up. Radiate sophistication in a fitted plaid shirt tucked into a sleek pencil skirt or well-tailored trouser pant. Now polish off your look with a formal hairstyle like a high bun, French twist or free waves. Metallics, preferably gold shoes and a narrow gold belt for brighter plaid, but you can choose silver or other shiny colors to tie your look together. Many fashionistas have the right idea to use darker plaid as a pencil skirt or blazer jacket for an official look.


Flirty and Chic

Plaid dresses are very stylish and can be bought in a variety of prints, styles and designs. To exude a lady-like charm, plaids in light colors like pinks and browns radiate femininity, which is enhanced with girly accessories like bangles and hair pins in warm colors.


Play It Neutral

If you adore two-toned plaid dress or outfit, go for a cohesive color scheme. A green/black plaid dress will allude to hip sophistication in combination with a black clutch and green shoes. A brighter green nuance for your bangles or shoes, or maybe even an eye-catching necklace infuses vibrancy into the plaid’s muted color.


Baby-doll Plaid Dress

A very cutesy dress that can be made fabulous with knee high boots, a clutch purse and statement jewelry. Darker prints mean you can rock leather boots, and lighter prints are adorable with light colored boots. Many plaid baby-doll dresses are vintage pretty, which will appeal to fans of vintage clothes.


Wrap around

The number one favorite way to wear a plaid shirt is to wrap it around the waist. Go for the grungy style with all black attire and adorn yourself with edgy trinkets like spikes and leather. The summer casual attire is also very popular; a flannel shirt tied around the waist paired with a bralet top and short jeans. It’s what the youngsters call it the beach look!


Your Boyfriend’s Plaid Shirt

Some girls love stealing their boyfriend’s shirts, maybe to be seen as the matching couple or because men do have some nice things. Plaid shirts are top of the list. Women love to wear it over bodycon dresses, tights and combat boots. The checkered print adds a bit of edge and keeps the look from looking too proper. Also, many women love wearing plaid shirts as dresses, coupled with outerwear like draped cardigans for a flowy silhouette.


Going for a 90’s Throwback Look

Layer a flannel shirt over a loud graphic t-shirt and wear colorful skinny-cut cords, necessary for the vibrant splash of color to make a statement. Sneakers and a bowler hat is the accessories of choice to give a chilled-out daring look to your attire.


Outdoorsy Kind of Attire

Glance at pictures of a couple enjoying autumn or sitting by a fire, and you’ll notice that underneath all that winter apparel are hints of plaid. I’m sure you want to look as cute as the girl in the photo. Plaid shirts go well with quilted or leather vests, and what better way to embrace winter finesse than with pretty fingerless gloves, a fluffy cap and a cute scarf. Pick up on the trend of relaxed and woodsy with a hint of ethnic, wear a tribal knit blanket and knit skirt. Rough it up with hunter boots. The best items that work well for winter plaid are poncho sweaters and pretty cashmeres that are swank, skinny jeans balance it all out!

Do you like my tips on how wear plaid for any season? What is your favorite way to wear plaid? Be sure to answer in the comment section. I want to know how you plan of sporting plaid this year, cool, chic or classic!!

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