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8 Ways to Wear a Faux Fur Vest This Season ...

By Sophia

Ways to wear a faux fur vest might seem simple enough, right? Just throw it on and you’re good to go. But there are plenty of different little things you can do to make your faux fur vest seem that little bit more on-trend. Instead of your usual faux fur jacket, which seems to cover up most of your outfit anyway, a faux fur vest opens up a range of different layering opportunities. Take a look at the following ways to wear a faux fur vest.

1 Evening Appropriate

When looking at ways to wear a faux fur vest, daytime outfit options are usually the easiest to work with. However, a faux fur vest can look sophisticated when worn as evening wear. Instead of a tan or brown color, opt for a sleek black or white number. Wear it over a slinky gown and max out on opulent accessories.

2 Off-Duty

Faux fur vests and off-duty looks seem to go hand in hand. To make this look work for you, team your faux fur vest with a basic short or long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans. Extra points for an oversized it-bag, floppy fedora, and ankle boots.

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3 Leather Loving

You can’t get away from leather at the moment. Leather skirts, pants, tops, dresses – they’re huge right now. A faux fur vest teamed with leather pants is great for working a rock-chic look. Since you’re already on the animal-friendly route with your faux fur vest, you can always opt for leather of the fake variety too.

4 Retro Revival

For me, faux fur vests conjure up images of retro, bohemian looks. The retro revival is also alive and well, so now is the time to team your faux fur vests with flares and floppy wide brimmed hats. Alternatively, go all flower child and team your vest with a flowing maxi dress. Go the extra mile by finishing off your outfit with a pair of platform shoes, oversized sunglasses, and wavy locks.

5 Dressed up

Give your faux fur vest the corporate treatment by teaming it with a pencil skirt and heels. When it comes to what to wear underneath the vest, try a fitted turtleneck to complete the ladylike look. Keep your jewellery to a minimum and accessorise with a compact handbag.

6 Monochrome

If you’re a cool customer, then you might be interested in working a minimal and monochrome outfit. It’s perfect for those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look. You can’t go wrong with an all black outfit and the addition of the faux fur vest will add an interesting textural element to your look.

7 Preppy

Faux fur vests might not come across as being preppy, but they can add a cool twist to a preppy outfit. Team a faux fur vest with cropped pants or plaid skirts and loafers or oxford shoes. But please, when styling your faux fur vest, avoid the polo shirt at all costs!

8 Short Vs. Long

The length of your vest can also impact the rest of your outfit. Shorter, cropped faux fur vests look great worn with longer layers underneath. If you’re wearing a long vest, team it with jeans and pants rather than short skirts or dresses.

A faux fur vest will add a luxe touch to any outfit. These are just some possible outfit ideas to help you style your faux fur vest. What are your best tips for styling faux fur vests?

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