7 Rules of Bra Care You Should Be following ...


There are some very clear cut rules of bra care that will help your bras to stay in good condition and last much longer if you follow them.

Years ago, I used to just throw my bras in the washer and dryer and hope for the best.

Not surprisingly, they did not last long and got in terrible condition quickly.

I learned to follow the rules of bra care and now my bras last me for years.

1. Hand Wash

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

One of the very first rules of bra care you should follow is to hand wash your bras.

Most of your bras say this right on the label.2

I know it is a pain and a huge inconvenience, but it makes so much difference in them.

2. Use a Gentle Detergent

Use a gentle detergent on your bras.

If you are using the same detergent on your bras as you are on your son’s grass and dirt stained baseball uniform, you are making a mistake.

Pick up something gentle like Woolite at the store next time you go.2

3. If You Must Machine Wash, Use This

I am also going to be honest with you here.

While I do hand wash my bras, there are also times I cannot because of time constraints.

When I must cheat, this is the way I do it.2

I wash my bras on the hand wash cycle and I use a lingerie bag.

I never wash more than two at a time.

I would never consider washing them on any other cycle, except maybe delicate.

4. Reshape

When you take your bra out of the washer or after you are finished handwashing it, reshape it.2

A lot of us have made the mistakes of just letting them dry as they are.

When you do this, they are more likely to have rolling in the fabric or to get stretched out.

Handle them carefully and reshape them.

Work out any kinks or twists in them.

Dry Flat and Hooked
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