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Purchasing Victoria’s Secret bathing suits is definitely a luxury you hesitate before splurging on; after all you can get a simple bikini for less than half the price they cost. With the cute line of bathing suits they have out right now however, I am willing to pay up! Plus with the variety of Victoria’s Secret bathing suits on their website, everyone can surely find something that fits their needs.

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The Getaway Halter

The Getaway Halter One of my favorite Victoria’s Secret bathing suits that I have been eyeing for months now is the Getaway halter-top with string bottom. It has flirty scalloped edges all over the halter top in addition to light padding and ruching. The Getaway bottom perfectly matches the top as it also follows the pattern of scalloped edges along with side ties.

Top: $36.50-48.50
Bottom: $20.50-28.50



The Getaway Halter is not only stylish, but also practical for a day at the beach. The light padding in the halter top provides support and the ruching adds a flattering touch. The scalloped edges add a playful and feminine touch to the overall design. The string bottom allows for adjustable fit and the side ties add a fun detail. The top is available in a range of prices, from $36.50 to $48.50, while the bottom ranges from $20.50 to $28.50. Overall, the Getaway Halter is a versatile and trendy option for any summer beach day.


Fabulous Push-up Triangle Top & Double String Bottom

Fabulous Push-up Triangle Top & Double String Bottom A simple triangle bikini is a staple piece for any woman’s wardrobe; this can be the staple piece you are missing! While this bikini follows a simple design, it has a few unique touches like the ruching around the top and a center bow. Plus it offers subtle support, which never hurts!

Top: $44.50
Bottom: $18.50-$24.50


Cropped Top Bathing Suit

Cropped Top Bathing Suit As we all know crop tops have come back in style. They grew so popular that they have inspired a new take on bathing suits! This cute cropped top offers a fresh silhouette for soaking up the sun and the clash of patterns between the top and bottom creates a fun and beachy look! You’ll have to watch out for tan lines, but other than that it’s a unique piece worth the money!

Top: $28.50-32.50
Bottom: $18.50-$22.50


The cropped top bathing suit isn't just a trendsetter; it's also incredibly functional. With versatile styling options, you can pair it with high-waisted shorts for a casual beachside look or rock it solo to make the maximum splash. Its comfortable fit ensures you can move freely whether you're hitting the waves or lounging on the sand. And with a range of bold patterns and solid colors, it's easy to find one that fits your personal style. Sure, it's a bit of a splurge, but this eye-catching piece doubles as a summertime staple both in and out of the water!


Twist Bandeau Top & Ruched Side Bottom

Twist Bandeau Top & Ruched Side Bottom If you are trying to avoid tan lines, bandeau tops are the way to go! This one specifically has beautiful twisting detailing with removable push up padding and halter strap. It is underwired and has an adjustable VS logo back closure. Plus it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so it’s super fun to pick and choose!

Top: $48.50-$54.50
Bottom: $34.50-40.50


Halter One-Piece

Halter One-Piece Who said one pieces weren’t sexy? This one in particular has a deep-v neckline and slight ruching in the center along with push-up padding and moderate back coverage. It comes in a variety of seaside colors and prints, giving off a very appropriate beachy vibe.

One Piece: $78.50-82.50


Fringe Halter Top & Ruched Low-Rise Hipkini Bottom

Fringe Halter Top & Ruched Low-Rise Hipkini Bottom This bikini gives off a western vibe but still maintains its femininity. The fringe adds an interesting touch to the top taking it one step up from a regular bikini! It comes with removable padding and adjustable straps, while the bottom has ruching detailing right around the hips.

Top: $28.50
Bottom: $18.50-22.50


Ruffle Halter Top

Ruffle Halter Top I am really loving this mix and matching of different colors and prints! The halter-top has ruched cups, with a tie at the neck and is underwired. And in order to balance out the busy print on the top, the bottom comes with a pretty simple pattern.

Top: $28.50-$34.50
Bottom: $18.50-$24.50

With summer here, the search for the perfect bathing suit is on! Victoria’s Secret is known to have some unique and quality styles. Which bathing suit caught your eye?

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I literally just ordered one how weird

why so expensive??? cute though

Leilah, I'd suggest Modcloth for high-waisted bikinis. they have a unique retro flare, too.

I really want a hight waist bikini. Does anyone know where I could find one?

Fabulous Push Up Ohhhhhh la la (whistling hot mama) :)

I love the one piece! The color is adorable :)

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