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Have you been trying to find stylish, unique online shops for retro swimwear? Well, this article might just have the answer you are looking for. Vintage swimsuits, normally dating back to the 1950s and 60s, are hard to come by -especially at retail shops. Fortunately, the web conveniently offers alternative ways to purchase these chic pieces that'll have everyone eyeing you down at the beach. So, if you want to step back in time in style, then you may want to start searching down online shops for retro swimwear now.

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Retro Bathing Suits

Retro Bathing Suits Retro Bathing Suits is one of the many online shops for retro swimwear. This store has a number of suits to choose from. Varying from shiny solid colors to polka dotted bathing suits, this shop's prices range from $24 to over $100. The store has sale items as well. A few of the suits that are featured in the store's listing have a Marilyn Monroe style to them which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


A PinUps Closet

A PinUps Closet This store has a select few of retro and vintage swim sets. There's not a lot to choose from, but at least they get straight to the point. A PinUps Closet seems to be drawn to two-piece bathing suits with polka dots and stripe patterns. The great thing about this online store is if your size is not available, you can give them a call to sort out the issue. Although they don't have a lot of options to choose from, they appear to always make sure that their swimsuits are available to every customer.


Retro Clothing Company

Retro Clothing Company Like A Pinups Closet, Retro Clothing Company only has a handful of vintage bikinis available on their site. However, the store's style varies. Some of the suits are solid colors while others have a floral touch. They're a bit on the pricey side too. Prices typically range from $52 to $89, but the great thing about this online clothing company is that they have printable and electronic gift certificates for purchase.


Baby Girl Boutique

Baby Girl Boutique This online boutique showcases a number of styles. Some of the swimsuits have leopard print designs while others are completely metallic. Most of the prices are reasonable and are under $100. The majority of the bikinis are from vintage brands such as Broad Minded Clothing, Rock Steady, Lolita Girl Clothing, and Stop Staring. The great thing about this boutique, however, is that it also sells all sorts of other trends including Bohemian, Indie, and holiday clothing.


The Baby Girl Boutique isn't just a hit with those who adore a retro vibe; it's also a haven for anyone who loves to stand out with unique fashion choices. With a palette that ranges from vibrant pastels to deep, sultry tones, your summer look can be as versatile as you desire. Whether you're looking to channel a classic 50's pin-up style or something with a more modern twist, this boutique has got you covered. And let's not forget the accessories – think cat-eye sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats to complete your stunning, beach-ready ensemble.


Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing Pinup Girl Clothing has to be one of the most intriguing retro shops on the web. The remarkable photography of some of the swimwear models just draws you in and makes you want to purchase one of these fashionable bathing suits. The shop has a variety of styles. Two in particular- the Wonder Woman two piece swim set and the one piece spider web swimsuit - are out-of-the-box creations. You can also find swimwear in plus sizes.


Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage Unique Vintage certainly has MANY options to choose from - over 50 different style bathing suits to be exact. Brands that you can find in stock are Betsey Johnson, Esther Williams, Fables, Lolita Girl, Steady, and of course, Unique Vintage. Some are completely retro, while others are designed with a modern twist. Not only does this vintage shop sell swimsuits that you'll fall in love with, but they also have 1950's-styled floral swim caps to go along with your swim set!



RoseGal Lastly on our list is RoseGal. Vintage clothing is not a major part of this online shop's inventory. Like Unique Vintage, their swimsuits have a retro look, but they clearly intended to look modern all at the same time. The prices are amazingly affordable. Some of the swim sets are marked down as low as $13.71. If you're in search of a vintage or retro swim set that falls within your budget, then this would definitely be the place to visit while online shopping.

With summer right around the corner, retro swimsuits will without a doubt make you stand out from the crowd. Not too many women will be wearing these trends this year. I suggest you be different and try something new. What are some other online stores that sell great quality retro swim sets? Would you even consider investing in one?

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I agree with Carey, MODCLOTH is so awesome or this kind of thing too!

Thanks for sharing! I visited all the listed sites and I'm in love!!!

Modcloth also sells retro and vintage styles.

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