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Street style websites are in plentiful supply these days. They’re the perfect place to get outfit inspiration as well as seeing what trends are sweeping the globe. Many ‘street style’ websites these days tend to simply catalogue the style of magazine editors and models, but I prefer seeing what the ‘real’ people on the street are wearing. Unlike your Sartorialists, Face Hunters and Street Peepers who constantly tour the globe (and fashion weeks) for street fashion, the following fantastic street style websites are those that showcase and focus on the style of a specific area.

1. Hel Looks

Hel Looks

Hel Looks has long been one of my favourite online street style destinations.2

It’s a street style blog from Helsinki, Finland and has been up and running since 2005.

The sheer range of different outfits captured is commendable.

From quirkier outfits to those more classically styled, there’s something for everyone on this street style website.

2. Chicago Street Style

Chicago Street Style

Chicago Street Style is a street style website run by Amy Creyer, and documents the sartorial choices of the inhabitants of Chicago.

The site has a clean, easy to navigate design and the photos are clear and crisp.

Photos are usually accompanied by commentary from the photographer, which I find really engaging.

3. Easy Fashion Paris

Easy Fashion Paris

Ah, Paris.

One of the spiritual home lands of fashion.

From the avant garde outfits of fashion week to understated Parisian chic, you’ll find it on this website.2

Whenever I visit this street style website I can’t help but be whisked away in the magic that is the city of lights.

It also makes me want to seriously reassess my current wardrobe.

4. We the People

We the People

Let’s head to the southern hemisphere and to the sunny shores of Australia.

Known for being more laidback in nearly all aspects of life, this Australian site features plenty of fresh fashion.

Most of the shots are of street style in Sydney, but it’s also interspersed with snippets of the author’s style and fashion-related content.

Japanese Streets
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