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7 Quirky British Fashion Labels ...

By Sophia

British labels often fall into one of two groups. There are the classic labels that are quintessentially British, and then there are the more contemporary and quirky labels. Contemporary British fashion is something to be applauded, with plenty of talented designers making their mark. The following are just some of my favourite quirky British fashion labels.

1 Nadinoo

NadinooThis British label describes itself as being a ‘cute, pretty and playful label for the modern little lady’. The designs often have vintage leanings and make use of nature-inspired prints. If you prefer your fashion with a hint of whimsy, then Nadinoo is the brand for you.

2 Luella

LuellaWhile it’s no longer in business, Luella will always be one of my favourite British labels. Designed by Luella Bartley, the Luella girl managed to be feminine, grungy, and quirky all at once. From Batman inspired prints to heart cut-out dresses, the Luella collections were always memorable.


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3 Charlotte Olympia

You’ll find plenty of quirky offerings from this British label. Renowned for her range of shoes and handbags, the designs are often a little bit left-of-centre. This season’s must-have offerings include kitten embroidered shoes and a feather Perspex box clutch.

4 Mary Katrantzou

Mary KatrantzouMary Katrantzou is without a doubt the queen of prints. Each season her runway collections are full of breathtaking and eye-catching prints. Her success has also translated to the high-street with a recent Topshop collaboration being most sought after by fashionistas the world over.

5 Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham KirchhoffIf you like your British labels kooky and quirky, then you must check out Meadham Kirchhoff. While the brand started out with fairly minimalist designs, more recent collections have been a riot of colour, print, and texture. The designs are quite the novelty and perfect for the young at heart.

6 House of Holland

House of HollandHenry Holland most famously made his mark with a range of 80s inspired catchphrase T-shirts. Shortly after, he started his own fashion house called House of Holland, whose designs are described as being bold, colourful, and irreverent. There’s always something unexpected in the offerings from this contemporary British label.

7 Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne WestwoodAn icon of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood is always relevant. She’s often credited for bringing punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream, and her staying power is something to be admired. Her designs are often quirky and outlandish, and a true testament to alternative British fashion.

From the more wearable designs of Nadinoo to the downright riotous offerings from Meadham Kirchhoff, these are just a few examples of quirky British labels. What do you think of British fashion? Do you have a favourite British label?

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