The Best Types of Dresses to Wear on the Boardwalk ...


If you're lucky enough to have access to a boardwalk this summer, I'm so jealous! I love walking down the boardwalk, people watching and window shopping. It's fun to visit mom and pop ice cream shops and other little stores with unique finds. But you don't want to be uncomfortable when you're boardwalking (yes, I think I made that word up). Here are the best types of dresses to wear when you're taking a summer stroll down the boardwalk.

1. Strut Your Stuff in a Summer Sundress

Strut Your Stuff in a Summer Sundress

Walking the boardwalk in the summer means showing some skin, and a sundress is the perfect piece for doing that. You can't go wrong with florals or spaghetti straps, but I wouldn't suggest wearing heels down the boardwalk. Summer sandals are a much better choice. You'll get to feel the summer breeze between your toes!

Be a Glowdacious Boardwalk Babe in Neon
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