7 Ways to Add Glamour to Your Spring Wardrobe...


Winter is just about over for most of us and it's time again to go through our closets to see what we can still wear for Spring and what items need to be added to give our wardrobes a Spring makeover.

Guest Blogger Nan from EatBreatheBlogis here to share 7 Ways to Add Glamour to Your Spring Wardrobe so you can get ready for that fun day in the sun...

If the bulky sweaters and puffy coats in your winter wardrobe are making you feel like a kid bundled up to the teeth, or even a human burrito, โ€“ cheer up, little snow bunny: Spring is coming!

And, along with the cute fluffy chicks and lovely spring blossoms, comes the best part of the year -- shopping-wise, anyway -- the perfect excuse to fill your closet with new, exciting, non-bulky, non-winter clothes!

Best of all, even if the snow is still falling and youโ€™re stuck inside, unwilling to risk your neck in the icy streets even for the promise of a pair of new stilettos or a sparkly new necklace, you can always start your shopping spree online!

So, you may ask, how shall I embark on this epic shopping adventure?2

Check out these top 7 ways to glam up your wardrobe:

1. Sparkling Jewelry....

Nothing chases away the winter blues quite like jewelry โ€“ and nothing adds instant glamour to an outfit like that perfect piece of bling.

One of the best ways to find the hottest new looks is online.

While you wait for winterโ€™s bitter winds to finally chill out, shop an online retailer like Blue Nile;

this fun site allows you to browse incredible selections of jewelery without having to leave your laptop!

Strappy Sandals...
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