8 Style Tips on How to Wear Color ...


8 Style Tips on How to Wear Color ...
8 Style Tips on How to Wear Color ...

Are you wondering how to wear color in this winter world of blacks and grays? It can be daunting, especially when faced with an office full of co-workers who have embraced navy blue and brown tweed, by my dear, adding color to your wardrobe is a must if you want to stand out and be noticed! Here are 8 style tips on how to wear color, and why adding color to your wardrobe makes perfect sense, even in winter.

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Know Your Palette

I can’t wear yellow, but I look great in blue. I know my palette, so I know how to wear color. Visit a professional, or simply ask a very stylish friend, to help you figure out what hues suit you, and which to avoid.



Want to know how to add color to an outfit without going overboard? Use shoes! Adding a pair of red or yellow shoes to an outfit will add drama and color, even for the most bashful and modest of fashionistas.


Bright Bangles

A wristful or bright bangles is another way to add color to an outfit. They don’t have to match what you’re wearing, but they do have to at least co-ordinate. For example: if you’re wearing a white blouse and blue jeans, a few bright yellow bracelets will do the trick!


The Eyes Have It

Who knew your beautiful face was the perfect place for adding color? A bright, bold new shadow or liner or even mascara will not only call attention to your pretty peepers, it will go a long way toward adding color to an outfit.



A chunky necklace, a pretty pendant, polka-dot socks, a new raincoat — what do these all have in common? They’re a great example of how to wear color by experimenting. Add once piece at a time, each in a different part of your outfit, and see how many gorgeous combinations you can invent!


Go Seasonal

Timid about color? How about adding a yellow raincoat in spring, a green bikini in summer, a bright trench in fall, a red coat for winter? Use seasonal pieces to kick off each new season, and see how much you look forward to adding color to your wardrobe every few months.


White is a Color, Too

Sometimes white is the right color for your wardrobe! Don’t be afraid to mix a bright blue tee with white jeans, or a crisp white blouse with red jeans.


Ban Black

I can’t count how many pieces in my closet are black. If I wanted to go extreme and add color, I’d ban black from my wardrobe for a week… try it! You can decide how drastic to go: are black boots and shoes out, too?

With so many ways to add color to your closet, and with so many tips on how to wear color, you’ll be rainbow-hued in no time! Which of these color-adding tips do you think you’ll try first? Ready to banish black, or will you attempt something less drastic first? Do tell!

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Loving this because, all I see when I commute to uni or go out is people wearing blacks and dark neutrals. Neutrals in general aren't bad but I wonder why people don't add a touch of colour, it's so much fun.

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