7 Fabulous Ways to Combine Preppy and Punk Styles ...


Combining styles is something I adore doing, but I specifically like to combine preppy and punk.

You would think that combining the two totally different styles would be impossible, however it’s easy to combine preppy and punk.

From Ralph Lauren and bow ties to Betsey Johnson and studded accessories, you can achieve punk and preppy at the same time.

Here’s just a few ways that I recommend combining the styles.

1. Shoes


One of the easiest ways to combine preppy and punk is through shoes.2

There’s nothing like having a very well put together, clean-cut outfit and then spicing it up at the bottom.

I always like to wear my blazers and tailored pants with combat boots.

Try it...

it's cute!

2. Blazers


Another way to combine preppy and punk is through the use of blazers.

With such diverse styles in blazers, it’s easy to take your punk rocker look and make it seem polished.

There’s nothing like wearing beat up Chuck Taylors, a baggy pair of jeans, a boyfriend tee, and tossing on a structured blazer.

It says ‘I care enough to let you know that I don’t care.’ Blazers are fun...

just play with them!

3. Hair


The power of hair when you try to combine preppy and punk is amazing.2

One of the ways I like to combine my preppy and punk style is through pulling my hair into a high ponytail or a topknot.

These hairstyles coupled with a tailored suit or baggy clothes gives off a very chic and fierce look, torn between preppy and punk.2

4. Makeup


When you’re on the quest to combine preppy and punk another easy way to start is through makeup.

If you’re a professional with a strict dress code, bring the drama with a smoky eye.

A smoky eye is a staple in the punk realm, and it’s becoming one in the prep world as well.2

Embrace the drama!

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