17 Ways to Pull off Bold Style Choices when You're Shy ...

Being shy can affect every aspect of your life.

There are variations of shy, of course – some people are just a little bashful while others are practically immobilized by their shyness.

The thing about shy girls is that we want to splash out, too – we're just too shy to do so sometimes, that's all.

People have this tendency to think that if you're shy, you must not have much of a personality, but that's patently untrue.

I hate that stereotype, don't you?

If so, I've got some help for you – even if you're shy, you can show off your personality with some beautifully bold style choices.

1. Throw on Some Fringe

Not a lot, of course, but a little fringe is both eye-catching and bold without being too ostentatious.

That's perfect for a shy fashionista, don't you think?

Carry a Bold Bag