17 Stylish Staple Pieces Fashion Forward Girls Need in Their Wardrobes ...


17 Stylish Staple Pieces Fashion Forward Girls Need in Their Wardrobes ...
17 Stylish Staple Pieces Fashion Forward Girls Need in Their Wardrobes ...

When I was in my 20s, I didn't even think about some of the staples that I needed to have in my closet. My closet was full of sweaters and patterned dresses .. and flannel. Lots of flannel. So girls in their 20s, don't make the same mistakes that I made, instead, take a look at the top staples that you need to have in your closet!

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Basic Black Pumps

handbag, footwear, bag, shoe, high heeled footwear, Every single girl in their 20s should have at least one pair of black pumps in your closet. They come in handy for so many things!



clothing, dress, cocktail dress, sleeve, gown, What girl – besides me, doesn't have a little black dress? It's a staple for every party and a need for every date night!


Ballet Flats for Sure

human positions, blue, clothing, sitting, woman, Personally, I hated ballet flats for the longest time, until I found these perfectly pink ones and then I was hooked. Have a pair in your closet!


Strappy Sandals

man made object, footwear, product, arm, leg, Another thing, sandals that are strappy. They are elegant and ever-so-perfect. Get a pair!


A Watch

face, person, clothing, black hair, gravure idol, Yes, I know, we all use our phones to tell us the time, but a watch on your wrist is classic. Seriously, look how beautiful that is.


Denim Jacket

clothing, photography, photo shoot, glasses, fashion, Yes, I know you are thinking that it is so 90s, but look at how many ways you can dress it up?


Striped up Top

clothing, photography, sleeve, outerwear, hairstyle, This is great for just hanging out with your friends or for a casual date night. The perfect top!


Cocktail Dress

clothing, footwear, leg, high heeled footwear, supermodel, Every single girl needs to have a cocktail dress. You never know when you might be invited to that party that calls for it. Get one that looks beautiful on you and that you feel confident in!


The Classic Skinny Jean

clothing, fashion, spring, footwear, outerwear, Skinny jeans go with everything! Of course they're a staple.


Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

clothing, footwear, spring, fashion, outerwear, If you aren't feeling the skinny jeans, slip into a pair of boyfriend jeans. For real, they are amazing!


An Anorak

red, clothing, outerwear, fashion, costume, Now, I know what you are thinking, why? Well, they are chic, comfortable and perfect for the outdoorsy girl!


A Classic Blazer

clothing, pattern, spring, footwear, fashion, This would be the ideal piece for any interview or any job. It's a must!


The Staple Trousers

white, clothing, jeans, footwear, fashion, Ditto a pair of dress pants. Fitted and ever-so-beautiful!


Classic Button up

denim, jeans, clothing, jacket, leather, You can pair this with so many different things! Seriously girls, it's the perfect shirt!


Graphic Tee

hair, white, clothing, sunglasses, lady, Personally, I love the funny graphic shirts or the ones with quotes. Choose something that shows your personality a bit!


Cute Cami

white, clothing, leg, hairstyle, fashion, You'll need this to fit under so many other shirts, the perfect layering piece!


The Everyday Cardigan

clothing, pink, spring, outerwear, handbag, Ah, the final piece, the cardigan. You'll need this for the chilly fall days.

So girls, what are some of the other staples that you have in your closet? Give 'em up!

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I really love that anorak. Doesn't anyone know where I can find it? 🙂😍

Me too! I already saw it in two new season TV shows so far. Wonder where to get it. Also i love that red tee the girl is wearing. in

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