57 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Petite Women ...


57 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Petite Women ...
57 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Petite Women ...

If you consider yourself to be petite, or what some like to refer to as "fun size," you must get to know Boston fashion blogger Jean AKA @extrapetite! She's an expert at hunting down classic pieces for both work and play. Trust me, not only will get major outfit inspo regardless of your height, you'll fall in love with her easy breezy style. See for yourself!

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When it comes to dressing for unpredictable weather, petite women can still make a striking statement.

A stunning trench coat is not only practical for those unexpected showers but also can create a sleek silhouette that elevates your entire look. Opt for a belt at the waist to accentuate your figure, and make sure the length doesn't overwhelm your frame. Pair it with ankle boots for added height and a pop of chicness. Remember, the goal is to balance comfort with style, even when the weather decides to throw you a curveball.


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In this snapshot, the focus is on how petite women can create the illusion of longer legs with the right choice of footwear. Opting for sneakers that blend with the color of your skin or your pants can visually extend your leg line. It's also about knowing the power of a monochromatic look or picking a shoe with a low vamp, which reveals more of your foot and consequently enhances the length of your legs. These sartorial choices are not only practical but also underline a sense of effortless street style that's perfect for the urban fashionista.


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Petite fashionistas, remember that monochrome outfits are your best friend! Sticking to a single color or shades within the same color family can elongate your frame, giving the illusion of height. In this stunning ensemble, the seamless flow from head to toe creates an unbroken visual line. Why not try a charming lilac from your sweater down to your shoes? It’s not only incredibly chic but also works wonders in making you appear taller. And for that added touch of magic, incorporate some texture with a piece like a plush velvet skirt or a silky, flowing pant.


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