57 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Petite Women ...

By Olga

57 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Petite Women ...

If you consider yourself to be petite, or what some like to refer to as "fun size," you must get to know Boston fashion blogger Jean AKA @extrapetite! She's an expert at hunting down classic pieces for both work and play. Trust me, not only will get major outfit inspo regardless of your height, you'll fall in love with her easy breezy style. See for yourself!


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Discover the mystique and charm of historical garments with our carefully curated inspiration from the medieval era. If you're seeking authenticity for a theme party or costume event, here are some truly renaissance outfit ideas that will transport you back in time. Evoke the spirit of grand festivities with fashion that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship. Embrace a different period, dress up and have fun!


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She looks gorgeous in everything

Wow she's gorgeous

Also friendly reminder to girls who aren't petite, you can still slay all these looks

#3 is that ariana grande?

I want to add to favorites how?? I dont like this new setup/ app

Who is this blogger?

@extrapetite is the blogger

You can find the links to all of the pieces on the extra petite blog!

Or dress?

Where do I get this shirt?

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