10 Fashion Necessities for Women Who Only Wear Black ...

By Lucy

10 Fashion Necessities  for Women Who Only Wear  Black  ...

Black is by far the most versatile colour when it comes to fashion, so why not start looking for these must-have pieces if you don't already have them?

What's your favourite black must-have fashion piece?

Table of contents:

  1. lbd (little black dress)
  2. leather or suede boots
  3. knit beanie
  4. strappy bikini
  5. leather jacket
  6. ruffle skirt
  7. faux fur jacket
  8. casual pants
  9. leather pants
  10. detailed handbag

1 LBD (little Black Dress)

LBD's are known for being extremely versatile and can be worn on almost any occasion. Wear with bare legs with sunglasses in those hot summer days and tights, boots and a jacket for wintery, colder days!

2 Leather or Suede Boots

Leather boots look great with either tights and a dress or simple skinny jeans, on the other hand, suede boots tend to look better with bare legs and a mini dress. Calf and knee-length in either style are the best choice for winter and autumnal days whereas short, ankle boots can be worn in warmer weather like spring and even summer!

3 Knit Beanie

A black beanie is a great piece for cold days when you want to wrap up and keep warm. It will add a subtle touch without drawing too much attention away from the rest of your outfit, allowing you to keep the focus on that amazing leather jacket or those sexy boots!

4 Strappy Bikini

A strappy black bikini is perfect if you're after an edgy look with plenty of sexiness! An added bonus is that it will hide things like marks and dirt, which are often very noticeable on light coloured bikinis like plain white.

5 Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an essential item for women who only wear black. They look best with skinny jeans and leather boots but also look amazing with a simple LBD underneath. A good quality leather jacket may be more on the pricey side but it's sure to last you a long time!

6 Ruffle Skirt

A ruffle skirt is a must-have fashion item for adding the perfect amount of texture and interest to your overall outfit. Make this the statement piece by pairing it with simple styles such as loose, knit jumpers and a subtle pair of suede ankle boots!

7 Faux Fur Jacket

Nothing speaks glamour and sophistication like a classic faux fur jacket or coat. It's a luxurious item that every woman will make use of in those cold, winter months to come. Pair with a classic black handbag and you're good to go!

8 Casual Pants

A pair of simple, black pants can be worn any time of year and even casually around the house. High waisted styles look perfect with a slightly cropped top and low shoes, which will look flattering against any body shape from top to bottom!

9 Leather Pants

These pants are usually quite tight fitting so they're a great choice for women who love to show off your body shape in a flattering way. They're relatively simple yet sexy and edgy so if this is your style, this is a fashion must-have for you! Pair with a faux fur jacket or coat for a great combination.

10 Detailed Handbag

A black handbag can literally be worn with any outfit you can imagine, so it only makes sense that such a versatile piece is a fashion must-have! Opt for one with added detail such as a quilted design or even edgy studs along the outside to stand out from the crowd.

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