10 Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots ...


Cowboy boots aren't just for those of you living out west, they can be for everyone when you learn fashionable ways to wear cowboy boots!

Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson are just two of the many Hollywood starlets who have sported these western kicks.

From dresses to jeans and everything in between, cowboy boots make a great and stylish addition to most outfits!2

To prove my point further, here are 7 ways to wear cowboy boots.

1. Pair Them with a Dress


Out of this list of ways to wear cowboy boots, pairing them with a white sun dress has got to be my favorite outfit!

Sporting this look perfectly is Taylor Swift, who is no stranger to cowboy boot outfits.

Cowboy boots are great with dresses (especially plain ones) because they add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise boring dress.2

If you want to make your look even more casual, try adding a fashion belt to your dress that matches the color of your boots.

Pairing your cowboy boots with a plain dress will make them stand out more than any other outfit!

2. Worn over Skinny Jeans


For the cowboy boot newbie, this is probably the best look to start with.

Simply wear your cowboy boots over your favorite pair of skinny jeans for a casual outfit.

Then pair that with a slightly baggy shirt, and a big matching fashion necklace.

It's the perfect look for the fall season and doesn't make your cowboy boots stand out too much if you're not comfortable pulling them off yet.

Give them time, they'll grow on you!

3. The "Daisy Duke" Look


There's one trend within western fashion that always seems to reappear each Summer involving cowboy boots.

I'm talking about the "Daisy Dukes" look that Jessica Simpson brought back to life in 2005 that's still hanging around today.2

This is a super sexy summer look that pairs your cowboy boots with some shorts.

Wear a plaid shirt on top if you want to make this outfit a complete cowgirl look, but a simple black racer-back tank top will do just fine too.

With Leggings or Tights
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