7 Ways to Wear Fringe ...


If you are a fan of fringe you know how hard it can be to incorporate into your wardrobe and still maintain a level of style.

Fringe is fun and can add a sassy twist to your wardrobe that will have you turning heads.

Finding fringe in the retail stores can be tricky, but if you are willing to dig into thrift stores some vintage fringe may be your ticket to style.

Here are 7 ways to wear fringe this Fall.

1. Catori Slingbacks

Catori Slingbacks

Price: $179.95 at anthropologie.com These slingbacks are so original, especially given their use of fringe. I've never seen anything quite like them, and I love them! Wouldn't these look smashing with a pair of tweedy trousers for work?

2. Swinging Fringe Bracelet

Swinging Fringe Bracelet

Price: $58.00 at anthropologie.comHow gorgeous and feminine! This bracelet incorporated fringe in a very delicate, ladylike way. Wear this with a sleeveless sweater and a long skirt, or with skinny jeans and a burn-out tee.

3. Canyon De Chelly Scarf

Canyon De Chelly Scarf

Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com Adding a scarf with fringe gives you a fringe element that can easily be added or taken away. Scarves are inexpensive and never go out of style. And isn't this one, with its southwest-inspired print, just beautiful?2

4. Alabaster Tassels Sweater

Alabaster Tassels Sweater

Price: $148.00 at anthropologie.com

Sporting a sweater with fringe give your clothing a movement factor that gain can you attention.

Fringe is suitable for a sweater that flows and just extends your outfit even further.

Designer sweaters with fringe can be found in most stores.

5. Nezbah Earrings

Nezbah Earrings

Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com Earrings are a fun way to add fringe to your outfit and draw attention to your face. Earrings can be unique and attractive to compliment your wardrobe and your complexion. This pair is versatile white, but they're also available in blue.

Neha Sling Bag
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