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7 60s Fashion Trends You Can Still Wear Today ...

By Laura

There is no denying that '60s fashion trends set the bar for risqué clothing for years to come. While we are long past the era that saw the sexual revolution explode, '60s fashion trends are still highly influential today. From the ultra racy pelmets to Peter Pan collars, fashion from our parents' and grandparents' era still looks fantastic. Here are seven you can give a whirl:

Table of contents:

  1. Peter pan collars
  2. Pelmets
  3. Box jackets
  4. Bell bottoms
  5. False eyelashes
  6. Androgynous looks
  7. Stiletto heels

1 Peter Pan Collars

Full disclosure: out of all the '60s fashion trends, this is the one I like the least. That's only because it doesn't work well with my ample chest, though. Peter Pan collars make you look sort of girlish. They look particularly great with dresses. Want to go all out '60s? Try mustard yellow and black.

2 Pelmets

Pelmets are super short miniskirts. You'll barely cover what you had for dinner. However, if you want to bare your legs they are great for helping you do so. The miniskirt really changed the face of fashion forever. Without it, we'd all still be walking around in tea length skirts. They're cute and everything, but I always feel a little bit odd wearing them.

3 Box Jackets

In the early 1960s, Jacqueline Kennedy was responsible for bringing box jackets to the fashion scene. Fortunately for those of us who like to stay casual, we don't need to look as smart as Jacqueline did. Box jackets look amazing with skinny jeans. They are the perfect way to turn an outfit from being simply 'casual' to 'smart casual.'

4 Bell Bottoms

As the 1970s drew closer, hippy fashion came in. Bell bottoms were worn by men and women alike. Personally, I am not a fan of guys in wide legs, but each to their own and all that! I love wearing wide legs. They're so much comfier than tight trousers and jeans.

5 False Eyelashes

All hail Twiggy and her doe eyes! Thanks to her, it's absolutely acceptable to wear false eyelashes. Today, they are bigger than ever. I personally prefer the delicate look that make mine look just a little bit fuller. However, that doesn't mean it isn't possible to carry off something more daring. The 1960s were famous for the space age era, which saw women wear brightly colored eyelashes and chunky white boots.

6 Androgynous Looks

We said goodbye to the days when women had to look feminine. This was a breath of fresh air for many women! Wearing trousers became more acceptable, which meant we spent less time wearing tights and stockings. Today, most of us ladies prefer wearing trousers. I don't mind the odd skirt, but trousers are definitely more comfortable.

7 Stiletto Heels

For those of us who lack height and killer pins, stiletto heels were a lifesaver. Today, I know many women who do not go out without a pair of heels. Personally, I prefer flats. I don't mind wearing heels on a night out, but flats keep me comfy. As the 1960s went on, heels became more perilous. Today I see girls like Courtney Stodden wear towering heels and wonder how they even walk at all.

The 1960s era saw fashion become less stiff and more free. There are still elements of older fashion eras I love. However, I am especially enthralled by the freedom the 1960s gave us. If you love 1960s fashion, what was your favorite element?

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