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Sometimes you just want to wear accessories inspired by TV shows, right? No? That's just me? Oh well, anyway, if you do find a new obsession or you just really love a show, you should always want to show that off. Here are some awesome accessories inspired by TV shows that you should definitely check out.

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Soft Kitty Hat

Soft Kitty Hat Love "The Big Bang Theory"? Well, you're not alone! There are a lot of accessories inspired by TV shows, but not all of them are this cute. This hat is inspired by the song Sheldon makes Penny sing to him when he's sick. The Soft Kitty song is really cute and a fan favorite. If you love cats, The Big Bang Theory, or both then this hat is for you!


Dragon Ear Cuff

Dragon Ear Cuff Personally, I'm obsessed with this ear cuff! This is a "Game of Thrones" inspired piece of jewelry. This is a really great earring that will look awesome on your ear! You just put it on like you would any other earring and then all of a sudden you have your very own dragon.


Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

Sonic Screwdriver Earrings Sometimes you want to wear something to show your love for a show, but you don't want to be too obvious. These earrings are little sonic screwdrivers that you can have dangling from your ears. The cool thing is that unless you're looking closely, you'll have no idea what they are!


Parks and Recreation Necklace

Parks and Recreation Necklace Want to know something cool about this necklace? It's scented! It smells like waffles and maple syrup, how cool is that? Leslie Knop has worn this necklace on "Parks and Rec" before, so why not have a matching necklace with that awesome character?! This is a really cute, funky necklace that people will definitely notice, whether it be because they watch the show or because it's cute.


Coral Ring

Coral Ring If you love "Sons of Anarchy," then you'll love this ring. This ring is almost an exact replica of the ring that Gemma wore throughout seasons 6 of the show. When you're wearing this ring you can channel the take no prisoners attitude that Gemma has, or you can just show off your really pretty ring. This cute and simple ring can be a great accessory to any outfit.


LOST Tote Bag

LOST Tote Bag If you were a fan of "LOST," you remember these numbers. I remember people being able to recite them at a moment's notice if ever prompted. Of course, to people that don't know the show, it doesn't look like anything special. This bag is a great way to show off your affection for "LOST" and have a cute and functional bag at the same time.


I Love Lucy Compact

I Love Lucy Compact This is a hilarious and adorable compact that could brighten up any day. The picture is funny and the quote is a bit of a mood booster; sometimes you just need to be told you'll be fine. Let Lucy tell you that while you're checking your makeup or hair. When you open up this compact, there's two mirrors inside so no need to worry about missing anything.

There are some really great TV inspired accessories out there! Unfortunately, not every show has them. Which of these are your favorite? Do you own any TV accessories? Which shows do you wish had more options?

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I love that almost all of these were nerdy <3

Should have included Caroline's pearl necklace from 2 Broke Girls to make this list complete

Lol yea tho the necklace is pretty plain. I thought we would see some gossip girl headband accessory. Where can u get that ring tho

Oh yeah, the Blair Waldorff headband and all the designer handbags from Gossip Girl.

Where can I get the Lucy compact!!??

I like the dragon ear cuff.


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