Accessorizing Your Look on the Cheap ...


As the seasons change, the pressure is on us to update and reinvent our wardrobes. But few of us have a Kardashian fashion budget so we need to use our smarts and get inventive with what we do have.

A great way to get a whole new vibe with very familiar outfits is simply to change your accessories. Add a scarf, slap on some chunky costume jewelry or swap boots for flats and you’ll be looking fantastic without breaking the bank.

Whatever look you’re aiming for, you can definitely achieve without breaking the bank. Try these top tips on how to accessorise your look on the cheap, saving money and staying on trend.

1. Start with the Toes

Every gorgeous outfit has its foundation in a great pair of shoes, sandals or boots so don’t skimp on good footwear as it will pay off in the long run. Boots are incredibly versatile and can transform an outfit – team them with jeans for casual daywear or go formal with a shift dress for evening. Invest in your feet and they’ll stand by you forever!

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