7 Adorably Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits to Wear This Summer ...


7 Adorably Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits to Wear This Summer ...
7 Adorably Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits to Wear This Summer ...

One piece swimsuits are adorable and a great way to mix up your beach wear. If you are tired of always looking like the next girl on the beach, switch it up with some of the below suits. Although they all aren’t ideal for tanning, they are great for the days where you might be a little more active. I think one piece swimsuits are absolutely sexy and will catch the eye of any guy.

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Xhilaration® Junior's Studded Monokini in Blue - Target

Xhilaration® Junior's Studded Monokini in Blue - Target This one piece swimsuits covers all those spots you just don’t love about yourself but still flatters the body. The cup top is great for ladies with bigger breasts, but also flatters those with a smaller cup size. The detailing around the top also adds that chic effect. Buy it now for only $25!


Tiger Cutout - Ardene

Tiger Cutout - Ardene I. Want. This. BADLY! I love how this suit is a bit of a traditional cut, but with the tiger face it adds a lot of funk. Rihanna has been seen wearing a suit like this, as well as various celebs strutting their stuff on the sand. With the adjustable ties, the suit will fit like a glove to your body shape. Buy it now (and one more!) for 2/$15!


Printed Pattern - H&M

Printed Pattern - H&M This printed pattern one piece will make you stand out on any beach. You can wear this as a tube top with a cute pair of shorts to the beach, and then add the ties around the neck for some extra support. You can buy this suit for only $25.


Nina – Billabong

Nina – Billabong Be the only girl on the beach wearing this landscape one piece and stand out to everyone. With this killer picture on the front and thick straps at the top, this is perfect for a girl who needs a little more support. This is a great suit to wear on a day you know you will be playing sports in the sand, and flirting with that hunky guy. Buy it now for $100.


Cut-out– Victoria's Secret

Cut-out– Victoria's Secret Keep it sexy but all hidden away in this one piece from Victoria's Secret. Not only does this scream sex appeal, but it has support at the top for ladies who need a little more, and is fully covered on your behind. The leopard print around the cut outs add dimension and show off your curves. Buy it now (on sale!) for $63.


Lace-up – Victoria's Secret

Lace-up – Victoria's Secret This is a suit I have to buy right now. The pattern is adorable yet the back screams sexy with the lace up. This is a great suit for going to a friends pool and relaxing while sipping on your favorite beverage. Buy it now (on sale!) for $44.


Mesh Block Zip Front Cut out Suit – Asos

Mesh Block Zip Front Cut out Suit – Asos Let the sport but girly side come out while wearing this adorable one piece. The suit looks like you are ready to try surfing and still look amazing. The mesh cut outs around the waist bring the eye in to notice your small waist, while the low breast line also brings the eye in. This suit is perfect for those sport days on the beach. Buy it now for $53.82.

Don’t be shy to try on a one piece; they can be sexy but at the same time practical. Sexy isn’t just wearing a bikini, it is how you feel and walk in anything. If you aren’t fully committed or sold on the one piece idea, try wearing one with lots of cut outs. This will still make you feel like you are wearing something along the same lines as a bikini. Which of these suits do you like best?

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Nos. 4 and 7 for me (7 appeals to my Trekker side!)

All of these are so cute

Where do I get the black tiger one?????

Love them all so cute for summer

Niceeee... numbers 1,3 & 5 are my favorite!!.. grat colos, desing and shapes!

Love all of these, especially number 5

I want that black asos, except my bust is a lot bigger than that! :/

Oh.. and #6!!!

Omg I'm in love with #1& #5!!!!

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