7 Advantages of a Monochrome Wardrobe ...

Choosing your outfits is infinitely easier when you stick to a monochrome wardrobe. How does this differ from neutral shades? Monochrome means "one color", so you can match a green skirt with a top in a lighter green, for example. If a particular color suits you, why not use that as the basis of your wardrobe? It will be flattering and simplify outfit planning. Here are some of the advantages of a monochrome wardrobe …

1. Simplifies Planning

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Having a monochrome wardrobe makes putting outfits together so much easier. You don't have to buy everything in one single color, but if you stick to variations of two or three colors you will be able to mix and match lots of outfits. If you have clothes in a myriad different colors they will only go with a few other items.

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