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7 Advantages of Having a Wardrobe of Quality Rather than Quantity ...

By Jessica

There are plenty of advantages of having a wardrobe of quality rather than quantity! Essentially this means that you buy things less often, of better quality and with more intention. Previously I was more of the mindset that having more clothes, even if they are of poor quality, would be better because you have more options to create outfits with. Changing my perspective, and slowly now my wardrobe, I realize how much more practical and even versatile a wardrobe of quality is! Here are some examples of why I feel it's advantageous to save your money for more expensive items.

1 The Fabric Feels Better

One of the greatest perks of having a wardrobe of quality is that the fabric feels better. It's generally softer, even in texture and material, and holds up to spills, stains and everyday wear. The fabrics of more expensive items are made from quality materials that are built to last, so naturally they will look and feel better. There are plenty of copycat looks out there made to resemble higher-end clothing designs- if you do a comparison check it's very easy to tell the difference in quality of material, stitching and design. Once you have an eye for quality clothing, it will be easy to spot them all over the place, including thrift stores. Even lower-end stores will carry varying degrees of quality material.

2 Clothing Hangs Better

Clothing of quality material will lay against your body with elegance and structure. Have you ever noticed how more expensive items seem to fit your body so well? That's because they are built with higher quality and design in mind. The best part is that they maintain their shape so you're truly getting your money's worth. Just make sure you're purchasing items in your correct size!


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3 It Withstands Washing & Normal Wear and Tear

Clothing and accessories with a higher price tag will hold up to most of your "abuse," i.e. washing, ironing, stains, and just normal wear and tear. I have a wide range of clothing quality and there is a huge difference in the pieces that cost more- the stitching, material, shape, thickness and texture are all better and look the same wash after wash, and wear after wear. A lot of companies will also be wiling to help you when an item does fail you in some way. I have a Michael Kors watch that randomly lost a link, which made it unusable. They were very accommodating and paid for the repairs completely. This kind of service is amazing because it shows the care and pride they take in their products.

4 Quality Items Last Way Longer

While trendy and inexpensive stores like Forever 21 and H & M have great, stylish clothing items to select from, they just don't last very long. You do in fact get what you pay for at these types of stores. They look great for one or two wears and then they fade, stretch out and become sloppy looking. I love these stores for trendy pieces because it's a great way to wear a new style without spending a lot of money. For classic pieces like a dark wash denim or a structured jacket, it's best to go with quality because they last a long time and are so versatile!

5 You Look More Put Together

Even if you're rotating the same basic pieces, you will look more put together overall because of the way your clothing fits your body and how your outfit simply appears. You can even embrace messier hair and sneakers while sporting higher quality clothing because the eye will naturally be drawn to your outfit!

6 You'll Actually Love What You Own!

Spending more upfront for an item of clothing will mean you'll actually be mindful in your purchases and love what you own! You will look in your closet and see your wardrobe as an investment, a work of art and an expression of who you are. Some may believe that clothes are just clothes, and in and of themselves they certainly are; however, clothing says something about who you are, what you like and what you prioritize about your appearance. People do in fact judge others at first glance whether we like it or not. I know I want to be taken seriously and to show the world part of who I am through my style!

7 You'll End up Saving Money

If you're thinking that spending money on quality items will break the bank, think again! You have lots of options that will actually end up saving you money. As mentioned before, when you take the time to carefully select what you want to buy, you'll end up spending less on frivolous buys and splurges, thus you'll save money in the long run and will love the pieces you own instead of regretting ever buying them.

Having a wardrobe of quality takes time. Start small by getting rid of items you don't love and then replacing them slowly. You can also mix items of quality of lower end stuff! The main thing to keep in mind is to have basic, staple pieces of quality that will last a long time and can be worn often. They also don't have to be designer items to be of quality and durability. I would love to hear your thoughts on having a wardrobe of quality versus quantity and where you stand! Do you prefer one over the other?

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