7 African Fashion Designers Making Waves ...

US, UK, France and Italy … we’re used to designers from Europe and the US dominating the fashion headlines. Talent from other countries doesn’t often get the limelight it deserves. However, sometimes that talent makes a ripple which can grow into a wave. It seems like some of those ripples are starting in Africa and growing into waves that the fashion world is taking notice. Here are some African designers to look out for:

1. Intisaar Mukadam

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One of the leading African fashion designers, Intisaar Mukadam takes inspiration from the rich and historical tribal traditions and diversity when designing creation for her self-titled and innovative knitwear line. With a passion for eye catching and bold statement making sprints, Mukadam’s message is not one of subtlety, but instead one of great vibrancy and real eye catching designs.

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