9 Sophisticated Fashion Pieces That'll Make You Feel Glamorous ...


Whether you’re going to a job interview or a fancy date at a restaurant, you can wear sophisticated fashion pieces. They’ll keep you looking like a professional business woman while remaining as elegant as a princess. During your next trip to the mall, make sure to pick up these sophisticated fashion pieces, so you can show off your style:

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Button down Shirt

Button down Shirt A button down shirt works well for any occasion, because it’s so versatile. You could wear one to work while keeping it all buttoned up, and then go out for a date with a few of the top buttons undone. You could even place a bandeau bra underneath it and keep it opened completely when you go to a club or the beach.


Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt A pencil skirt is considered professional, so it’s perfect to wear to work. However, it’s also useful to wear when you want to seduce someone as well, because it will fit to your curves like paste. Whenever you walk away, your crush will be watching your booty move.


A-line Dress

A-line Dress A-line dresses have a fitted top and a flared bottom. They'll make you look sexy, because they'll show off your legs and will emphasize your chest. However, they'll also make you look classy, because only half of the outfit is skin tight.



Loafers When you're not in the mood to wear heels, loafers will keep your feet comfortable without making you sacrifice your fashion sense. They typically come in black or brown, which means that you can wear them with virtually any outfit. Of course, they'll work the best with a sleek pair of slacks.



Watch Even though your phone keeps track of the time for you, a watch is a great fashion piece to have. You don't even need to know how to read a clock (even though you really should learn), because it can be purely decorative. It's there to add flare to your outfit, just like your bracelets and rings are.



Blazer Blazers aren't only meant for men. Women look amazing in them, so buy one to wear on your next job interview. You could even wear it to a wedding if you aren't in the mood to wear a fancy dress. There's nothing wrong with a blazer, dress shirt, and slacks in place of a ball gown.


Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt A mini skirt works best for parties. A maxi skirt works best at the beach. But a midi skirt works well for any occasion. It won't show off much skin, so it's classy, but they come in pretty cute designs, so you'll still look fashionable.


Trench Coat

Trench Coat When winter rolls around, you need to have a jacket to wear. Instead of wearing a thick one that won't show off your shape, you should stick to buying a trench coat. Most of them have belts attached in order to give you a well defined waistline, so you'll always look your best.



Pearls Every woman should have a set of pearl earrings in her jewelry box. They work with any outfit, whether you're dressed for your Sweet 16 or for a casual day out with friends. It doesn't even matter if the pearls are real or fake, because no one will get close enough to examine them.

With just a few specific fashion pieces, you can look sophisticated wherever you go. Which of these items is your favorite?

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The pearls on the pic of number 9 look plus size...

I totally love pearls!!!!

Fabulous ideas!

It's way too hot to be wearing most of these!

Many politicians's wives dress like this. Conservative-except for maybe the trench coat.

Nice list but old-schoolers know an A-line dress is fitted and flares in an A-shape from the top of the bust not from the waist. It literally looks like a capital A from shoulders to hem. Otherwise this is right on point and on-trend. Thanks

@holly you done good girl. Love love loving it. That is my kind of fashion. Loving the shirt idea.

Love this ENTIRE list!! Great pieces!!

Love the look of pic 8

A suit, a silk pussy bow blouse, a silk scarf in Hermes style, a jacket in Chanel style and a chic handbag also make you feel sophisticated. At least, that's what they do for me.

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