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All Working Ladies Should Have These Things in Their Closet ...

By Jennifer

If you work in a professional setting (think office), chances are, you're dying to update your work wardrobe for spring. I am too, by the way, so how about we explore a few options together - it'll be bonding time for us! Here are a few looks I've found that I love. What do you think? Which of these things should we add to our closets, stat?

1 Her Pretty Polka-dot Dress

Her Pretty Polka-dot Dress

2 Her Gorgeous Graphic-print Blouse

Her Gorgeous Graphic-print Blouse


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3 Her Entire Look

Her Entire Look

4 Her Green Jacket & Checked Shirt

Her Green Jacket & Checked Shirt

5 This Dress & Blazer

This Dress & Blazer

6 Her Cobalt Top and Cropped Pants

Her Cobalt Top and Cropped Pants

7 These Colored Skinny Jeans

These Colored Skinny Jeans

8 This Blouse

This Blouse

9 Her LBD and Boots

Her LBD and Boots

10 Her Pencil Skirt

Her Pencil Skirt

11 This Casual-Friday Look

This Casual-Friday Look

12 Her Classic Preppy-casual Look

Her Classic Preppy-casual Look

13 Her Very Vintage Vibe

Her Very Vintage Vibe

14 Her Mommed-up Look

Her Mommed-up Look

15 Her Entire Ensemble

Her Entire Ensemble

16 Her Luxe Leather Skirt

Her Luxe Leather Skirt

17 Her Jacket & Necklace

Her Jacket & Necklace

18 Her Pretty Coral Top

Her Pretty Coral Top

19 Her Fun Red & Black Outfit

Her Fun Red & Black Outfit

20 Her Fab Layered Look

Her Fab Layered Look

21 These Nautical-striped Besties

These Nautical-striped Besties

22 Her Crazy Colors

Her Crazy Colors

23 Her Jacket

Her Jacket

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