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7 Ways to Check for Quality when Clothes Shopping ...

By Jessica

Most women love shopping for clothes and equally love finding a good deal for a quality item! Believe it or not, you can spot quality when clothes shopping in most stores and it doesn't have to be designer or expensive! You just have to know what to look for. Keep reading for some quick and easy ways to spot quality clothing!

1 The Material

The material of an item is a great indicator of quality. Natural fibers, like cotton, wool and silk, are more durable and last a lot longer then synthetic fibers, like acrylic. Blended fabrics are good too, as long as the percentage is mostly a natural fiber.

2 The Seams

I always check the seams when I'm considering an item to buy. Often times, the very same item of clothing can have more uniform stitching or less "flaws" so-to-speak than the one right beside it. Look for seams that are aligned properly, have no loose threads or missed spots, and are tightly stitched. Loose stitching means it will unravel over time!

3 The Fit

Quality clothing generally fits better than cheap clothing- that's just the way it is. It's all in the details, too. Tapering at the waist and appropriate adjustments for bust and shoulders are a good indicator of a well-fitting piece. Even quality t-shirts will fit better on your body! Assuming it's your correct size, an article of clothing should drape properly and be fitted in all the right spots!

4 Pattern Alignment

If you're buying something that has a pattern, like plaid or a repeating design, make sure the pattern is aligned. Check pockets, arms, around collar and around any buttons/zippers. It's more difficult and time-consuming to align patterns precisely, which means it will be higher in quality!

5 The Wrinkle Test

This isn't an exact determiner of quality but it WILL tell you how a garment will wash and wear. If you squish up a top (inconspicuously, of course) and it wrinkles easily without quickly smoothing back out, it probably won't hold up after a few washes.

6 The "feel"

Take time to really feel the fabric in your hands. Is it soft to the touch? Does it have a weight/density to the material? These are signs of quality. Sometimes all it takes is holding a garment in your hands to immediately determine quality. Remember, natural fibers will also feel better against your skin and will breathe better!

7 Avoid "fast Fashion" Retailers

Although it is possible to find great pieces of clothing in fast fashion retailers (like Forever 21), try to avoid them if you can. Most are very cheaply made and you will just end up wasting money in the long run. Also, many fast fashion retailers are not ethically sourced, meaning crappy wages and deplorable working conditions. If that's important to you then definitely research which companies adhere to ethical standards!

There you have it! Next time you're out shopping with the girls, keep these tips in mind and you're sure to score great pieces! Got any other tips to add?

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