Unlock the Secrets to Easily Dress for Any Occasion for Girls with a Busy Schedule and a Capsule Wardrobe ...

By Lucy

Unlock the Secrets to Easily Dress for Any Occasion for Girls with a Busy Schedule and a Capsule Wardrobe ...

Have you ever been standing in front of your wardrobe, feeling totally stumped as to what you should wear for that occasion coming up? Well, that stops right now! Keep reading for great fashion points on dressing for different occasions the next time you have an event coming up 😃 ✌️

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1 Wedding 💑 💍 👰 💒

I think everyone knows by know that it's the number one rule not to wear white to a wedding - unless you're the bride, course! Luckily this still leaves you with a number of great outfits you can wear instead and still look amazing. Opt for sundresses, floral patterns or lace designs as you're able to look great in them without looking OTT!

2 Cocktail Party 🍷 🍸 🍹 🍡

A cocktail party is usually pretty formal attire but you can also get by with a hint of playfulness in your outfit, too. A few great choices to wear are dresses with sweeping sweetheart necklines or strapless styles as these can add a bit of fun and playfulness to your outfit. Embellishment that sparkle in the light such as sequins can be a great choice if you want all eyes on you!

Discover the mystique and charm of historical garments with our carefully curated inspiration from the medieval era. If you're seeking authenticity for a theme party or costume event, here are some truly renaissance outfit ideas that will transport you back in time. Evoke the spirit of grand festivities with fashion that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship. Embrace a different period, dress up and have fun!

3 Work Function 🏢 🍷 ☕️ 🍝

A work function can sometimes be tricky to know the attire for since you don't want to show up looking super formal or too casual, either! Ask your work colleagues what they're thinking of wearing so you can get an idea of what others are opting for. Otherwise, you can't go wrong in a modest black high waisted skirt with a white blouse tucked in classic black pumps. If you opt for this, you'll look totally smart and classy!

4 Night out / Clubbing 🍸 🍹 👠 🎶

When you have a night out with friends or you're going clubbing you usually want to wear something on the fun side since you might have a long night of dancing! It might be tempting to go all out and wear stilettoes, but bear in mind that you could be on your feet all night so it might pay to opt for a pair with smaller heels (unless you're super confident wearing stilettoes for long hours). Pair these with a mini dress or cute playsuit for the ultimate party outfit!

5 Job Interview 👱🏻 👛 👗👢

Dressing for a job interview can also be tricky to get right as it will mainly depend on what job you're going for. Fashion, for example, you're better off choosing one of the latest trends and finding a way to incorporate this into your outfit. On the other hand, for hospitality you should try to tone down your outfit - keep it quite basic and plain by sticking to neutral colours such as black, white and grey and add little to no jewellery.

6 Funeral / Wake ⛪️ 💀 ⚰ 💧

Attending a funeral or wake has quite a different attire from other occasions as it should be focused on celebrating the life of someone who's recently passed away and also being respectful of the occasion. Hence, you should definitely think about what to wear to make sure you're dressing in a suitable and appropriate way for the day. Opt for anything with a modest length such as midi or maxi dresses/skirts and a cardigan or long sleeved top which doesn't expose too much skin.

7 Family Get-together 👪 🎈 🍻 ☀️

Family get-togethers, barbeques or family birthday parties call for casual attire, unless you've been advised otherwise! Most of the time, it's more than okay to show up wearing your favourite pair of jeans and a warm jumper if you're going to be outdoors or staying late. That being said, you can also dress up a little more and wear a nice top or dress which you feel super confident and happy in!

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