Awesome Fashion Careers That Don't Require Modeling ...

By Teresa

When people think of careers in fashion, they almost always think of modeling. You don’t need to be a model if you want a career in fashion. In fact, there are so many careers in fashion that don’t require getting involved in the often scary and overwhelming world of modeling, but a lot of people don’t realize it. If you want to be in the fashion industry but don’t know which career is right for you, you definitely need to check out this list. It will help you find your dream career in no time at all, no matter where your interests in fashion fall. If you have a few different interests and one of them is fashion, you’ll definitely find your new career on this list!

1 A Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer Why not create the clothes that the models are wearing? If you love fashion and love coming up with your own trends, you need to be creating a fashion label. Start small and work your way up to the big leagues! It may seem overwhelming, but with the Internet, it’s a lot less difficult than it used to be!

2 A Fashion Editor

A Fashion Editor Start as a writer and work your way up to be a fashion editor. Whether you’re working for a website or a magazine, you’ve got to start somewhere. If you love fashion and love writing, just start writing about fashion. You’ll be amazed just how much you can have when you’re writing about fashion!

3 Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger If you can’t find any websites to write for just yet, be your own boss and start a fashion blog. Who knows where it could go? Maybe one day your blog will take you to new places, like to the runways of fashion week! If you put your heart into it, starting a blog may change your entire world!

4 Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing If you love advertising and marketing but you also have a passion for fashion, go into fashion marketing. It’s such a creative field for the person who loves fashion but doesn’t really want to get into modeling. You’d be surprised by just how much fun it is, even though marketing seems somewhat dry.

5 Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising Fashion merchandising is great for the person who’s good at identifying trends that are on the cusp of happening. Fashion merchandising means that you work for a store and buy the clothes that will be sold in the store. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s great for the person who’s good at curating!

6 Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist If you love putting together outfits, especially for other people, you need to go into styling. It’s a great career for the person who loves giving advice, especially in the fashion world. If you’re the girl who’s always helping your friends pick out outfits, you need to try out this career for you.

7 Costume Designer

Costume Designer If you’re someone who loves TV and movies and you also love fashion, you should definitely go into costume design. Wouldn’t you love to pick the fashion choices out for all of your favorite TV characters? It would be a dream come true for a TV addict!

What’s your favorite career on this list? Would any of these be your dream career? Let me know in the comments which career you’d love to do yourself!

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