Bombshell Coachella Looks Every Fashionista Should Try ...


Bombshell Coachella Looks Every Fashionista Should Try ...
Bombshell Coachella Looks Every Fashionista Should Try ...

I love Coachella and I actually had a friend that went and I had FOMO SO BAD! The fashion, the hippies, the beauty -- I am so jealous! So, if you are like me, you're dying to see what Coachella fashion looks are out there!

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All of This!

photograph, clothing, person, woman, beauty, I love this look! So chic and cool.
white, clothing, sleeve, product, textile, clothing, day dress, gown, dress, wedding dress, Skirt Price: $54
Top Price: $11


The Pretty Lace

flower, dress, plant, spring, season, clothing, day dress, dress, sleeve, wedding dress, Look at all of that lace.

Price: $149


Simple Chic

clothing, dress, brown, sleeve, cocktail dress, Can't go wrong with a simple black maxi dress. Don't forget a great hat and boots.
dress, clothing, black, day dress, little black dress, $68 at


Fringe for Days

clothing, black, fashion, outerwear, costume, This is such a cute jacket.
clothing, outerwear, sleeve, leather, fur, Price: $159


Loving the Tousled Hair

eyewear, hair, face, eyebrow, nose, It's not at always about the style, the hair is there too! As are the sunnies and fab jewelry.
jewellery, necklace, fashion accessory, chain, pearl, $98 at


Belly Dancing Style

clothing, fashion, dress, spring, costume, A denim jacket is a must. Add your own pins or buy one that's already embellished.
clothing, blue, sleeve, pattern, outerwear, $83 at


Sheer and Shorts

clothing, girl, lady, beauty, fashion, This look is totes #Coachella!
white, clothing, wedding dress, dress, bridal clothing, denim, clothing, shorts, jeans, pocket, Top price: $69
Shorts price: $39


Gold Tattoos

clothing, swimwear, carnival, These tattoos are my favorite kind.
product, pattern, art, design, bling bling, Price: $25


Pretty HEAD Chain

hair, face, clothing, black hair, nose, Whether delicate and subtle or big and showy, jewelry is a fabulous way to style your festival hair.
jewellery, necklace, fashion accessory, chain, Price: $9.95


Hippy Love

clothing, fashion, spring, dress, sports, Let your inner boho-chick fly.
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, pattern, spring, Kimono Price: $30
Hat Price: $5.99


Sheer Goddess

clothing, footwear, dress, fashion, hairstyle, Floral prints and flowing fabrics are a must.
clothing, dress, pink, maroon, sleeve, Price: $79


Big Glasses and Pretty Earrings

eyewear, hair, sunglasses, brown, glasses, We're always spoilt for choice when it comes to statement earrings.
jewellery, earrings, fashion accessory, Price: $39


Pretty Fringe

hair, clothing, blond, fashion, hairstyle, Can never go wrong with a fringe.
clothing, hair, brown, sleeve, outerwear, Price: $39.97

So, what other Coachella looks do you like?

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Coachella is my favorite festival evah! Look at those styles!!!

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