Common Fashion Myths to Start Ignoring Immediately


Common Fashion Myths to Start Ignoring Immediately
Common Fashion Myths to Start Ignoring Immediately

There's nothing more annoying than wanting to wear something that you think looks great but then being told "don't do that, it's a common fashion no-no!" And at the end of day it's like, who says?? 🚫 ❌ ✔️

Comment which of these common fashion myths you've heard before...or many times! 👠 👗👛

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"Don't You Dare Go Double Denim"

It seems like after years of everyone thinking "stay well clear of double denim", we're all starting to realise that denim on denim can actually look pretty cool! The key to this look is choosing two pieces of denim that are of different shades of blue so they don't look too matchy-matchy! So for example if you've chosen light wash denim jeans, pair it with a much darker (think navy blue or indigo) denim jacket.


"Tucked in Shirts Are Super Nerdy"

You might have found it hard not to cringe in the past when you've seen someone wearing a shirt or top tucked in, but guess what? Tucked in shirts can look chic and sophisticated when paired with the right kind of things. High waisted skirts are perfect for tucking shirts and blouses into, and high waisted shorts with a bodysuit for summer is a match made in heaven!


"Don't Even Think about Mixing Prints"

We've always been told that we shouldn't mix prints together as it can look busy or crowded, but this isn't necessarily always true as it really all depends on what prints you've chosen and whether they work with each other in terms of being matchable. So it's true that not all prints will work together (and this is when it can look busy), but if do find two prints that just seem to click with each other don't be afraid to wear them together!


"Sequins Aren't Suitable for Day Wear"

Maybe all your favourite sequin dresses were brought for special occasions, cocktail parties and general evening-wear type events, but did you know that if you invest in smaller sequin pieces (like a purse, handbag or jacket) you can actually pull them off as day-wear? The key is to focus on wearing small sequin pieces with a fairly toned down outfit.


"Your Lippy Shouldn't Match Your Dress"

This is a common fashion and beauty myth that we're hearing all the time, but is there any truth to it? Will the fashion police come to arrest us if we dare to give it a try? Of course not! Matching your lippy to your dress is not necessarily a no-no. Personally I like this look a lot and think it ties your outfit and makeup together seamlessly for a very polished look.


"Short Girls Shouldn't Wear Maxi Dresses"

Being 5'2 and on the petite side, people are often telling me no when I dare to say that I want to wear maxi dresses. At the end of the day, why should short or petite people miss out on wearing anything maxi? The key is to choose a maxi dress in a lightweight fabric to avoid looking 'swallowed up', paired with a pair of wedges or heels for an extra boost of height.


"Your Handbag Must Match Your Shoes"

This myth is just plain silly (in my opinion, anyway) since it basically limits our entire wardrobes to only wearing shoes that match with a handbag. What if you have a really nice maroon handbag - perfect for fall - but you don't have a pair of maroon shoes in your closet ready to go? This must mean that we're also expected to go out and buy a pair of maroon shoes before we can dare to use our handbag...who even has the time or money to abide by this rule, anyway?!

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