YouTube Channels Fashion Lovers Need to Watch ASAP ...


YouTube Channels Fashion Lovers Need to Watch ASAP ...
YouTube Channels Fashion Lovers Need to Watch ASAP ...

You can pick up so many fashion tips and advice from these YouTubers, they're definitely ones to watch in the near future! They have videos on everything from fashion hauls from popular stores to lookbooks, outfit ideas and even favourite items with reviews!

Who's your favourite fashion YouTuber and have you watched any of the names on this list?

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Inthefrow is big on her fashion hauls, especially from places such as ASOS and River Island. She also has lookbooks, great reviews for both her shoe and handbag collection as well as a few makeup tutorials.



Evelina has beauty and fashion hacks, lookbooks, reviews of her handbag collection and tips for getting high quality clothes from affordable brands.


Freddy My Love

Freddy has plenty of fashion hauls from popular stores such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Miss Selfridge. She also has room tours, skincare routine and favourite fashion pieces.


Claudia Sulewski

Claudia has lots of videos on great makeup routines, seasonal fashion hauls and her favourite pieces for each month. She also has a few videos on diet and fitness tips.


Karissa Pukas

Karissa has videos on the best workout clothes to hauls from places such as Nasty Gal and Missguided. That being said, she also has plenty of makeup and hairstyle tutorials as well as lookbooks.


Alex Centomo

Alex has plenty of videos on her favourite fashion and beauty items, plus lookbooks and must-have pieces. She also has hauls from online shopping websites and haircare advice.


Naomi Victoria

Naomi is also a big fan of ASOS and River Island but also has plenty of hauls from cheaper places like Primark. Aside from that, she has popular makeup product reviews and a few makeup tutorials.


Annie Jaffrey

Annie has fashion hauls from places such as ASOS, Zara, H&M and Lulu's for a great variety. She also has her favourite fashion items for the current month and tips on haircare.


Brianna Joy

Brianna has several fashion lookbook videos as well as outfit ideas inspired for occasions like Valentine's Day. She does plenty of hauls from several online websites such as Nasty Gal, NA-KD, Boohoo, Topshop and Missguided.


Hello October

Hello October has beauty and fashion first impressions as well as their reviews, hacks, tips, tricks, plus makeup tutorials and hauls from Zara, ASOS and Topshop.

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