Duchess Approved the British Fashion Brands Kate Middleton Wears ...


Duchess Approved the British Fashion Brands Kate Middleton Wears ...
Duchess Approved the British Fashion Brands Kate Middleton Wears ...

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge is graceful, elegant and stylish. Like her would be Mother-in-law (had she lived), Diana, Princess of Wales, she is a not only an ambassador for the UK but for British fashion, Like Diana, she has her favorite designers, but she also mixes up her wardrobe with high street names. Here's how Kate flies the flag for British fashion.

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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen When Kate opted for McQueen for her wedding gown, it sealed the choice as one of her favorite designers. Sarah Burton's designs are a major feature in Kate's wardrobe and the clothes come out for many special occasions, including Princess Charlotte's christening.


Beulah London

Beulah London Beulah is a fashion label on the rise. It is an ethical fashion house that uses a portion of their profits to help victims of India’s sex trafficking trade. Kate’s helped to raise awareness of the brand and their work, wearing a few of their loose and lightweight dresses when she’s on tours in hot climates.


Temperley London

Temperley London Alice Temperley founded her fashion house in 2006 and probably never dreamed of becoming a favorite of a future queen (and her sister - Pippa Middleton - is a fan of Temperley London too). When Kate wants a lacy day dress or a red carpet gown, she'll often look to Temperley London.


Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham Although lauded for her bridal collections, it is the Jenny Packham evening gowns that find space in Kate Middleton's wardrobe. As well as gowns for red carpet events Kate has also worn maternity wear from Jenny Packham.



L.K.Bennett I don't think anyone would argue that Kate's signature shoe is the nude pump. And her shoes of choice are from L K Bennett. Although she is faithful to her signature shoes, there's plenty of other L K Bennett's in other colors.



Reiss Not one of the most well known names but when Kate chooses something from your store, you're guaranteed sales. When she sticks with you, it's special. Kate's most memorable outing in a Reiss dress was meeting the Obamas at Buckingham Palace in 2011. She obviously loves the classic lines of Reiss' coats and dresses.


Emilia Wickstead

Emilia Wickstead For her first pregnancy, Kate called on Emilia Wickstead for a tailor-made wardrobe. Although born in New Zealand, Emilia Wickstead is based in London and isn't just responsible for covering royal bumps. The Duchess is fond of her colorful day wear too - especially her coat dresses.



Mulberry Even when Kate was just plain Katherine Middleton, student at St. Andrews university, she was a Mulberry fan. Her love started with bags to carry around all those study books and now extends to the whole range, especially classic English garden dresses. Naturally, she still loves Mulberry bags.



Zara As I mentioned, the Duchess of Cambridge is happy to shop the high street and is often seen in clothes from Zara. Although Zara was founded in Spain, it is a major chain on British high streets and malls. Zara is a place where you can pick up a casual dress for $25. And she doesn't just wear Zara on her days off. Zara regularly features in her "on tour" outfits.

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wow, her style is really timeless.

I love her style and she's also so pretty

I didn't think Zara was a British brand! She does great in packham outfits though! I shop at whistles and i am sure she has shopped there too not that it matters...just saying!

And the prices increased 30%, well you don't see her inJ Crew now !!!! It just makes prices sky rock and the Princess i'm sure doesn't pay a dime

I think her designers are Fabulous for her❗️❗️❤️ But they are not for everyone, please take no offense but I saw what happened to J Crew

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