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Video Guide on the Top 5 Basic Pieces Every Girl Should Have in Her Closet ...

By Natalya

There are some basic pieces every woman should have in their closet. These items make it easy to get dressed every day and are super easy to find. With these essentials, you should be able to put together an outfit for just about anything. So, here are the basic pieces every woman should have in their closet.

1 Satin Camis

Mine are from Zara and I highly recommend having a few camis because they are one of the best basic pieces every woman should have in their closet. I recommend black and white as they go with everything. I love straps, I think, it gives a sexy vibe. You can wear a cami under blazers, sweaters,
and leather jackets. You can make them casual or classy.

2 Black Leather Jacket

I love it. A black leather jacket is worthwhile to invest in. It will help you style every single outfit you own.

3 Pair of Blue Classic Denim

Mine are from Frame. Dark blue denim jeans are necessary for your closet. They make your legs look very nice and go with everything.

4 Pair of Black Leather Pants

These are the way to go. You should have them in your closet. Black leather pants always dress up anything. You can buy a white cotton t-shirt, and it will be nice with black leather pants, and you will look ten times dressier than you thought.

5 Basic Heels with a Strap

I think that these are basic heels every woman should own. If you can, you should spend money on good heels that go with everything. Thin straps make you look sexier. They are my go-to heels.

I hope these top 5 basic pieces will help you to dress easily.

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