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Some women aren't comfortable strutting around in a bikini, but that doesn't mean they need to turn down trips to the beach. There are plenty of other bathing suit options to choose from. No matter what your body shape is, you'll be able to find something that makes you feel gorgeous. Here are a few of the best bathing suit alternatives to bikinis that look equally as fabulous:

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A Closed off One-Piece

A Closed off One-Piece You don't have to show off your entire stomach in a bikini. You can buy a one-piece instead, so that your torso is covered. That way, you won't feel self-conscious about your tummy, and you won't have to worry about getting sunburn all over either. It's much easier to apply SPF when only half of your body is exposed.


A Cutout One-Piece

A Cutout One-Piece If you want to wear a one-piece, but are worried it won't look sexy enough, you can find plenty of cute cutout swimsuits. Some of them will expose the sides of your stomach, some will expose your hips, and some will expose different areas of your chest. You can choose whichever style shows off your good traits and hides your "flaws."


A Bathing Suit Dress

A Bathing Suit Dress If you're not a fan of showing off your thighs, you can buy a swimsuit that looks like a dress (with bottoms underneath it, of course). That way, you won't have to worry about your bikini line during your whole day at the beach. Even if you missed a spot shaving, no one will be able to see it beneath your dress.


A Tankini

A Tankini Here's the perfect type of swimsuit for all you ladies who are afraid of having a wardrobe malfunction. This top won't fall off as easily as a regular bikini top would. There's more holding the outfit together than a few tiny strings, so you don't have to worry about the waves ripping your top off of you.


A High Waisted Bikini

A High Waisted Bikini This style of swimsuit is flattering on any body type. If you come across one at the store, make sure to try it on. You're guaranteed to love it, because it will draw attention to all of the right places.


Some Boy Shorts

Some Boy Shorts This is another outfit that's perfect for women who don't want to obsess over shaving. You can purchase boy shorts that are almost as long as the regular shorts you'd wear around town, so you won't have to shave any further up your legs than you usually do. Plus, you won't have to worry about your bathing suit shifting and exposing your booty, because you have enough fabric on to stay covered.


A Strapless Top

A Strapless Top If you're daring, you can wear a strapless bathing suit top. Just remember how difficult it can be to keep a strapless dress in place. The stakes are higher when you're at the beach, because if your top slips down, you won't have a bra on to save yourself from embarrassment.

You don't have to wear a teeny bikini in order to look attractive. There are dozens of other styles you can try that are just as fabulous, and will make you feel much more comfortable. What type of bathing suit are you going to wear to the beach this summer?

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Awesome collection and write up

If you're a bit conscious with you body and cannot absolutely wear two piece, A bathing suit is perfect for you! Thanks for this post!

It seems that 6&7 are still bikinis. And where are plus size suits.

Does anyone know from where I can buy the first bathing suit, the one one piece?

I was more interested in the Hufflepuff one

I like the dress one but I currently have the high waisted.

How about considering rashguards

I love no 3 & 4 !!

The first three are most definitely the best

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