Forget Front Cleavage - Tips for Showing Side Boob ...

By Holly

Forget Front Cleavage - Tips for Showing Side Boob ...

You don't have to show off frontal cleavage when you could show off side boob. All the celebrities do it, and you can, too! You just have to be careful with how you go about it, because it's a little less common to see and a little more easy to have a clothing malfunction. However, it can look super sexy when you do it right, so if you want to try it, here are a few tips for showing side boob:

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Wear a Tank That's Low under the Arms

Wear a Tank That's Low under the Arms The best way to show off side boob in the summertime is to wear a tank top that's low under the arms. Instead of placing a bandeau bra underneath like you usually would, just let your breasts breathe. As long as the arm holes aren't too wide or low, then you won't overexpose yourself. You'll be able to strike a sexy balance.


Wear a Blouse That's Sheer on the Side

Wear a Blouse That's Sheer on the Side If you dislike the idea of wearing something that's open on the sides, then you should invest in sheer shirts. As long as the front of you is covered and just a sliver of the side is showing, you should be safe. Plus, you won't feel like you're walking around half-naked, because you'll have fabric all around you.


The side boob trend is one of the hottest looks in fashion right now, and it's a great way to show off your curves without going overboard. To rock this look, you'll need to invest in a blouse that's sheer on the sides. This type of clothing gives you the coverage you need while still showing off a bit of skin. It's a great way to look sexy without feeling exposed.

When picking out a sheer blouse, look for one that has a bit of stretch in the fabric. This will help it drape nicely over your curves and will also make it more comfortable to wear. You can also look for blouses with lace or mesh panels on the sides. This will give you a bit of edge and will add a bit of texture to your look.

For a more subtle side boob look, you can opt for a blouse with a ruffle detail on the side. This will give you the coverage you need without taking away from the overall look. You can also try a blouse with a high neckline and a low back. This will show off a bit of skin, but still keep you covered.

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Use a Mirror to Check Yourself out from Every Angle

Use a Mirror to Check Yourself out from Every Angle Before you step out in public, make sure to find a full length mirror to examine yourself in. You'll want to spin around, bend down, and raise your arms above your head to see how much skin shows when you move. You don't want to wear something that looks fine when your arms are at your side, but bares it all when you move the slightest bit.


It's important to remember that showing side boob isn't just about the top you're wearing. The way you move and position your body can also make a difference. Using a full-length mirror can help you check yourself out from every angle and make sure you are covered up in all the right places. Before stepping out in public, spin around, bend down, and raise your arms above your head to make sure your outfit is appropriate for the occasion. Don't forget to check that your outfit looks good when you move, not just when you stand still.

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Use Fashion Tape to Keep Everything in Place

Use Fashion Tape to Keep Everything in Place Buy fashion tape that is safe to stick to your skin and easy to remove. That way, you can make sure that your clothes stay in place and don't show off more of your skin than you want them to. It's the best solution to potential clothing mishaps.

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Wear Pasties

Wear Pasties If you're super worried about a nip slip or just don't want your nipples to show through your shirt, you can wear pasties. You can buy them at pretty much any clothing store or even order them online. They're easy to apply and they shouldn't slip off, so you won't have to worry about getting embarrassed.

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Buy Cutout Dresses

Buy Cutout Dresses Cut out dresses are the classiest way to show off side boob. When you find the right one, you'll be able to show off just a sliver of your breasts without seeming too provocative. Plus, they're one of the hottest trends around right now.

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Keep the Rest of Your Outfit Conservative

Keep the Rest of Your Outfit Conservative Whenever you show off a lot of skin on your top half, you want to balance it out by covering up the majority of your bottom half. If you're going to show off side boob, don't rock a miniskirt with your shirt. Try wearing capris or some shorts that reach halfway down your thighs.

Frontal cleavage is overrated and side boob is underrated, which is why it's time to make the trend even more popular. What other fashion tips do you have for showing side boob?

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Although i think celebrities pull it off and maybe in a party like setting it would be ok but for a casual public outing thats pretty vulgar

Haha yeah, this doesn't work so well when you are a d cup....

I'd prefer wearing a lace bra to no bra at all. It is "too much" in my opinion. Plus, many times one boob is bigger from the other, so a bra is necessary. I would totally NOT wear this kind of shirt without a bra, actually I would never skip bra with any shirt.

I mean cleavage is one thing....

@Sapna Pathak We are expressing our opinions about sideboob, not about the author.


I suppose if you want to draw attention to yourself! Then go ahead if you need it?? But i like to play hard to get and let the men (DREAM).

Doesnt worth all the hassle naaah I rather keep it coverd

Agreed! Doesn't work with larger natural breasts, that's why we get the cleavage option!

What a stupid article. I wasn't suprised when I looked who wrote this article because you recently wrote another pointless article. What a wonderful message for teens who are growing up. How daft

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