The Pretties Types of Pajamas to Rock at Slumber Parties ...


You can't head to a slumber party without some pretty pajamas. While you might be tempted to sleep in your regular clothes or to just throw on an old sweatshirt, you might as well take the opportunity to show off your style. After all, you can look just as fashionable at night as you do during the day. If you need to shop for something new, here are some of the prettiest types of pajamas to wear at slumber parties:

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Sleep Shirts

Sleep Shirts Sleep shirts tend to be similar to graphic tees. So if you’re the type of girl who loves to have something witty written across your chest, a sleep shirt is your best bet. If you don’t find a shirt with words that make you laugh out loud, you can always settle for something with a cute picture printed on it, like a kitty or a cup of joe. Pick whatever fits your personality.


Silk Tanktops

Silk Tanktops Silky tanktops are perfect for slumber parties, because they can almost pass as part of an actual daytime outfit. Besides, there's nothing more comfortable than the feeling of silk against your skin. So if you usually have trouble sleeping in a foreign place, these pajamas will soothe you right to sleep.



Nightgowns Nightgowns are the classiest form of pajamas out there. As long as you don’t wear one that is way too revealing, your friends will compliment you on your chic style. Just make sure that you wear underwear beneath it. You don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself in front of your gal pals.



Onesies You don’t have to be a child to wear a onsie. I mean, haven’t you seen Miley Cyrus strutting around in hers? You don’t have to buy one that looks like an animal, complete with ears and a tail (although they’re pretty cute). You can settle for a solid colored one that is meant to keep you warm.


Button Downs

Button Downs If you love to look put-together and conservative, even while you sleep, then you should buy a button down pajama shirt. Remember the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Barney wears his pajama suit to bed? He’s the most stylish man around, so you might as well follow in his footsteps.



Boxers In the summertime, it can get pretty hot out. If you’re not sure if your friend's house has air conditioning, then your best bet is to wear something light. You can always pile on blankets if you get cold, but you can’t do much if you get too hot. Boxer PJs will make sure that you don’t have any issues.



Robes If you’re embarrassed of your pajamas, then you can slip a robe over them. That way, your friends will never actually see what you’re wearing. Besides, robes can look rather sexy, so if your friend has an attractive older brother around, you might catch his eye.

The outfit you wear during the day isn't the only thing that determines how stylish you are. If you're going to spend time with your buddies around bedtime, then you need some seriously cute pajamas to keep up your fashionable reputation. What are your favorite type of pajamas to wear to slumber parties?

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I really love the dress one

It's not to look good whilst your sleeping its to have fun while being comfortable at a SLUMBER party

I love the unicorn jammies, but they look like they would be too warm. The boxer jammies are for me.

I believe in looking fabulous all the time.

Do you know where I could buy some onesie pajamas? I wanna be a unicorn.

That is a cute onesie pajama! Love it!

Does it matter it's bed time? Don't make people feel like you need to have nice pyjamas or need to look good. It's bad enough being judged what you wear everyday never mind when you go to bed. There's bigger problems in the world.

Jem is right. Why does it matter? Shouldn't you be having a slumber party with friends - people who won't judge you?

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