11 Must Have πŸ™Œ Fashion πŸ‘—πŸ‘  Staples You Can't Miss 😱 This Season ❄️ ...

There are some must-have fashion staples for winter that you need to add to your wardrobe. This winter season brings lots of fashionabe pieces and romantic details in everything: attention-grabbing ruffles, embroidered flower patterns, soft and flowy lace, luxurious velvet and rich jewel tones... do I need to say more?

I’ve created the perfect capsule wardrobe for work and play for this season using Macy's customer’s top-rated pieces. You only need 10 pieces to create more than 20 amazing outfits to stay chic and warm this holiday season! So, here are your must-have fashion staples for winter.

1. Dark Floral Top

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One of the must-have fashion staples for winter is a dark floral print! Choose one that flatters your figure and has gorgeous jewel tones.
$24.99 at macys.com

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