11 Must Have Fashion Staples You Can't Miss This Season ...


11 Must Have Fashion Staples You Can't Miss This Season ...
11 Must Have Fashion Staples You Can't Miss This Season ...

There are some must-have fashion staples for winter that you need to add to your wardrobe. This winter season brings lots of fashionabe pieces and romantic details in everything: attention-grabbing ruffles, embroidered flower patterns, soft and flowy lace, luxurious velvet and rich jewel tones... do I need to say more?

I’ve created the perfect capsule wardrobe for work and play for this season using Macy's customer’s top-rated pieces. You only need 10 pieces to create more than 20 amazing outfits to stay chic and warm this holiday season! So, here are your must-have fashion staples for winter.

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Dark Floral Top

clothing, blouse, fashion model, sleeve, neck, One of the must-have fashion staples for winter is a dark floral print! Choose one that flatters your figure and has gorgeous jewel tones.
$24.99 at macys.com


Embroidered Blouse

clothing, sleeve, shoulder, joint, neck, The dark romantic vibe continues with gorgeous embroidered tops! Bonus points for ruffle sleeves!!!
$28.79 at macys.com


Black Lace Top

clothing, sleeve, blouse, fashion model, shoulder, Lace is so elegant and romantic! P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
$34.99 at macys.com


Nude Cashmere Sweater

clothing, sleeve, neck, shoulder, sweater, Any winter capsule is complete without a soft and cozy cashmere sweater!
$39.99 at macys.com


Studded Skirt

waist, fashion model, joint, day dress, miniskirt, An amazing studded skirt that goes well with the season’s MORE IS MORE trend. Don’t miss it!
$51.99 at macys.com


Lace-up Pants in Black

tights, leggings, waist, leg, trousers, Our everyday back pants with a little romantic twist for the season.
$19.99 at macys.com


Velvet Pants

leggings, waist, tights, trousers, jeans, Luxe and comfy velvet pants perfectly compliment this season’s floral and nude colors.
$34.99 at macys.com


Little Purple Dress

dress, day dress, clothing, fashion model, shoulder, You need amazing and flattering little purple dress! Perfect for an office party or coffee with friends. This season is all about joy and family!
$70.00 at macys.com


Black Velvet Blazer

clothing, jacket, blazer, formal wear, fashion model, Velvet is here to stay, baby! You’d better stock up!
$49.99 at macys.com


Burgundy Coat

coat, overcoat, fashion model, trench coat, gentleman, I fell in love with this burgundy coat! it’s rich color and flattering silhouette are just perfect for the holidays!
$209.99 at macys.com


The Complete List

I just love how all pieces work out together! You can mix and match any piece, they all look amazing together!
Do you like the current dark floral trend?

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I agree with the velvet pants, purple dress and blazer, coat (doesn’t have to be burgundy), but everything else seems basic.

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