7 Body Suits That Every Woman Should Own ...

By Holly

7 Body Suits That Every Woman Should Own ...

Instead of wearing a shirt and jeans, you can put a bodysuit on underneath your pants. There are some pretty cute ones out there. Elle has proven that! Check out these body suits that they've brought our attention to:

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Grey This is $18 on hm.com



Green This is $50 on us.riverisland.com


Thin Stripes

Thin Stripes This is £65 on pepperandmayne.com



Black This is $29 on us.dorothyperkins.com


Thick Stripes

Thick Stripes This is $35 on us.topshop.com

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White This is $34 on store.americanapparel.net



Low-cut This is a whopping $119 on houseofcb.com

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It does give the same effect but with the bodysuit, there's no bunching up like a shirt would. Also you don't have to wore about it staying tucked in.

One of my dance recital ensembles was a bodysuit. It has a black mesh top layer and an orange sparkly bottom layer.

Of course I like the most expensive Sigh

But why tho

I love bodysuits but hate it when you need the loo

I don't understand the point of this.

The reason being is??????? bodysuits are for women are pictured in the article, if you're plus sized such as myself why bother.

I love to wear bodysuits under pencil skirts and wide legged trousers and pair them with a thick belt. The give a smoother shape than if you were to tuck tops or tshirts inside your bottom garments.

What's the point of bodysuits? I get it's a trend but if you wear jeans with it wouldn't it just give the same effect as a normal top? Or are you supposed to wear them by themselves?