7 Hottest Summer Trends That Are Best for Your Body Type ☀️ ⛱ ❤️ ...

Nothing feels better than looking good in summer - especially when you know that your outfit is suited for your body type (and shape) so that you can feel super confident when you turn heaps and totally pull it off! 💋 🌸

Keep reading for the hottest summer trend for your body and don't let anything stop you from feeling just as amazing as you will look! ❤️✨

1. Hourglass

Hourglass shaped women should be stocking up on bodycon dresses this summer, as these are the perfect piece to show off your natural curves and very defined waist! It's all about flaunting what you have and being proud of your curves!

2. Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women should opt for cami tops this summer, since the light, airy and flowing fabric is perfect for creating the illusion that your top half is equally balanced with your natural curves around your hips and/or bum!

3. Apple Shaped

Apple shaped women should take on the summer trend of mesh side panelled dresses, since these will effortlessly make your waist area seem less full and in proportion with your upper and lower half.

4. Rectangular Shaped

Rectangular shaped women will be turning heads in every direction when they step out wearing playsuits and dresses that have a tie or belt around the waist! This is a super easy way to make your waist look more defined than it actually is and hence creating shape.

5. Inverted Triangular Shaped

Women with an inverted triangular shaped body will look amazing in skater and shift style skirts paired with a fitted top (such as a crop style) this summer, as this will create the illusion that your lower half is totally balanced with your naturally full bust and broad shoulders!

6. Petite

Petite women should be rocking all kinds of crop tops this summer, as they are perfect for showing off your petite figure and naturally small frame! A good tip is to stay away from maxi dresses which can often make you appear shorter.

7. Tall

Tall women are going to love wearing maxi dresses this summer that instantly accentuate your height, slimness and tall figure! Alternatively, you can show off your legs for days in shorter, mini dresses...it's completely up to you!