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7 Surefire Tips for Rocking Short Shorts This Summer ...

By Jennifer

Now that June 20 has passed, it's officially short shorts season... umm, I mean, summer! If you love short shorts and want to wear them all summer long, good for you! Let's prep for short shorts weather with these few quick steps.

1 Fit First

clothing, lingerie, photography, undergarment, muscle,Which short shorts do you like best? I love the high-waisted ones, but there are also the low-slung ones, the cutoffs, the cuffed... there are so many short styles, try them all on and see which ones you like best... then buy them in every color!

2 Dare to Hair?

clothing, leg, black hair, beauty, thigh,If you usually shave your leg hair, give your legs a quick once-over with a razor before you slip into your short shorts. If they're REALLY short, make sure your lady hairs are trimmed up and tidy, too, so they don't make an untimely appearance.


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3 Exfoliate

fun, toy, sports, fair,Whether you shave your leg hair or not, you'll want to exfoliate the winter's worth of dry, flaky skin to reveal your soft, supple skin underneath.

4 Lotion, Ladies!

photograph, clothing, image, beauty, lady,One of my favorite just-summertime things is the light, sweet scented lotions we can wear... buy a lotion or body butter in your favorite summer scent, and smooth it on.

5 Adjust Your Attitude

clothing, blue, image, swimming pool, leg,Okay, now that you have your shorts, and your legs are ready, it's time to adjust your attitude. If you're feeling at all insecure about wearing short shorts, ask yourself why. Is it because you're afraid of what other people think? If so, stow it. It's your body. If you love your short shorts, adopt an IDGAF attitude and let's go!

6 Sandals, Sweetie!

clothing, denim, jeans, footwear, leg,You don't have to wear sandals with your short shorts - I love how Toms look and also, tall Chucks look great with them, too!

7 Go, Be Awesome

clothing, person, vacation, beauty, swimwear,Grab your sunnies and head out for a day of shopping and lunch with the girls... you look stunning in your short shorts... the only question is, which ones will you wear tomorrow?

Do you have any other summer short shorts tips to share?

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