Brilliant Style Tips for Petite Women in 2017 ...


Brilliant Style Tips for Petite Women in 2017 ...
Brilliant Style Tips for Petite Women in 2017 ...

Are you on the hunt for style tips for petite women in 2017?

Being petite can make it hard to shop for clothes and many of the models on runways are very tall, which means their looks might not work for you.

Any woman whose height is less than 5"4 can fit into the petite category and should be using these style tips for petite women in 2017.

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Dresses and Skirts

leg, shoulder, fashion model, thigh, joint, The length of your skirt and dress can make a huge difference in regards to how tall or short you look. People generally feel that petite women look good in anything and everything, but that is not the case. Not every dress will suit women with a petite frame. Various things can go wrong - a dress may not fit the shoulders and can end up looking too wide or too short. The best style that petite women should stick to are chiffon dresses with floral designs. However, the floral prints should not be large. They should be small and subtle, and the dresses should definitely not be frilly. As far as the length of the skirt goes, it should fall just below the knee. This makes women look tall and elegant, which is why it's one of the top style tips for petite women in 2017.


Shirts and Tops

beauty, shoulder, sitting, fashion model, leg, Petite refers only to the height of women, not weight or body type. The first thing that you should consider is your height, then your figure. Slender and non-curvy women can pull off fitted clothes and tops, the slimmer ones can wear anything that's not too fitted and end up looking good. The woman with a smaller bust generally looks great in halter necks, high-necked shirts, girly blouses and button-down cotton shirts. However, women who are more busty should opt for V-necked tops and definitely avoid turtlenecks. All women should avoid shoulder-pads. They are a big no-no. You should also remember that vertical stripes are more flattering to petite women than are horizontal stripes, as they make you look taller. Do not be afraid to shop around and to try on everything you see! Step out of your comfort zone at the mall and try your local bohemian clothing store, as you will be amazed at what you can find.


Pants and Jeans

clothing, jeans, road, denim, shoulder, It is a fashion faux pas to wear pants that bunch at the bottom. You should always ensure that you avoid pooling of extra fabric at your feet, as this can make any petite woman look shorter than she is. The place where the hem of your pant hits is what makes a difference to the way you look. You should keep the rise of your pants in mind as well. Women with short legs should avoid wearing high-waisted pants or jeans. Women who have long legs and a short torso should wear trousers, jeans or pants that start just below the navel. The pants should ideally fall at the top of your instep and can also cover your heels if you aren't wearing flats.


Coats and Jackets

fashion model, blazer, fashion, coat, sunglasses, Even with the best height, coats and jackets make you look bigger. So the best way to enhance your shape is to wear slim collars and single-breasted style coats and jackets and avoid double-breasted ones. The right proportion is the key. You can negotiate on the length of the coat and jacket though! They can range from just below your waist to below your hips.

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