How to Dress like a Queen on a Less than Royal Budget ...


How to Dress like a Queen on a Less than Royal Budget ...
How to Dress like a Queen on a Less than Royal Budget ...

I'm here to teach you how to dress like a queen on a budget. Zoey, my Labradoodle, is snuggling up with me as we brave another winter day. It's been rainy in the city and my sweet doggie is the best blanket ever, only seconded by my cashmere throw.

Anyway, all of us busy ladies have to be careful with our money. It is important that we present ourselves in the best manner possible and still have money leftover for those silly little things called rent and food.

First, I should warn you that your best accessory is absolutely It does not matter if you are tall and leggy or petite and curvy, nothing can compare to your own natural fabulousness. Now let's wrap that awesomeness in clothes that do not break the bank. Here's how to dress like a queen on a budget.

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Invest in One Expensive Piece

One of the best answers for how to dress like a queen on a budget is to invest in one pricey piece of clothing. Notice, darlings, I used the word invest. This does not mean go buy a Hermes Birkin and spend the rest of the year sleeping in a cardboard box. However, a bag is an excellent investment piece and one can find great deals on designers names like Coach and Marc Jacobs. You want the expensive item to be a staple that can be reused for many types of occasions. Another example is the perfect pair of jeans that make your derriere look so so yummy.


Hidden Treasures Can Be Found at Vintage Stores

Gently used clothing is a gold mine of designer name brands that any girl on a budget can afford. Perhaps you are going to have a Studio 54 moment in an amazing Halston jumpsuit or keep it sophisticated in some classic Chanel.


Never Underestimate the Importance of Fit

Even the most inexpensive of clothes can look stunning if they hug your amazing body in the right way. Going the extra mile and tailoring some of your pants and blouses will go along way toward making people think, “how does she manage to always look so good...did she win the lottery?"


Invest in a Steamer

There is that adorable little word again..invest. Truthfully, many clothing steamers are relativity inexpensive and help keep everything looking crisp and sharp. Throw your ironing board and old flat iron away. A steamer will help make it look like you have just stepped off the runway in anything you are wearing.


Start Believing in the Power of a Slip

Many inexpensive skirts and dresses are made of thin materials that can look flimsy and become see through very easily. The right slip does more than protect your modesty. It can elevate your clothes to looking richer and more expensive than they actually are.

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Btw, January and July are the best months for shopping - that is when most of the brands have a 50-60% off on the hottest accessories!

Designer shoes.

I always invest in accessories - expensive shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewelry (from known brands) - are the best way to do it on a budget. You. An wear a simjacket le white T-shirt and skinny jeans and look killer, if you a carrying a designer bag and

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